where are you from?



Ha ha. That’s funny.

I am apparently Taiwanese in Bed! :stuck_out_tongue:

Apparently Im French in bed.

"For you lovemaking is a performance art!!

A form of highbrow expression every bit as rich, complex and meaningful as cinema, literature and ballet"


How you dooooinnnn ;):stuck_out_tongue:

apparently i’m russian and i like oil, say no more!

hmm me being Italian… strange :ermm:

Yeah, I’m too not sure if that’s a good thing :w00t::stuck_out_tongue:

Im Brazilian in bed, and i can do it all day and night. Oh, and i have to be careful not to give myself an orgasm inadvertantly as im so sexual. :wink:

Any takers? :w00t:

Im Swedish!!

Apparently I would ban all underwear and see the body as art and expresssion -…whatever!!!

I’m a Russian. Not to far… :smiley:

Apparently I’m Brazilian… That’s Nuts:D

Crikey! i am 88% taiwanese in bed! :w00t:

Apparentley i am selfless in the bedroom and live to pleasure others…:doze: sounds about flippin right.:angry:

French? So liking women dressed as nurses makes you French?

Oooooh Laaah Laaahhhh!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Says I’m 100% Congolese…The ultimate Lover, guaranteed to give satisfaction :D:cool: If we get any ‘Girlie’ type Girls on the forum giss a shout :D:P:):hehe:

Did anyone else find that Passport lady rather appealing :hehe:

i’m Russian.


er NO Tel.only you did i think :hehe:

I had no idea it was so accurate:)

Feck sake Chunks I worry bout you sometimes :P:)

Last time i was on me knees, Ang was in fits of laughter and I had a spoon in me gob;):DI was glad you was behind Mark and not me ;):smiley: