where are you from?

Your a bit of a fithy c*nt on the quite Chunks :P:)

hope you wasn’t eating arse :sick:

:laugh: So am I!!!

It says im 84% Congolese … Wild & unpredictable in bed.
Like the murky waters of the Congo, your love making is wild and unpredictable, and always, always deep :smiley: You are very possessive of your territory in the bedroom and always put up a fight before being conquered.

:w00t: :wink: … Can’t disagree with it either lol

Oi you cheeky f’kers (Chunks & Terry) just you wait! … You’ll have something in ya gobs alright :smiley:

:laugh: So you found the Passport lady rather appealing to :stuck_out_tongue:

No, I didn’t. Bet Chunks camel toe squashed against his lycra skids :smiley:

74% French for me :crazy:

At least that means 26% gets to keep his socks on :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh b*llocks i`m the same as Terry.

Never mind JP there’s a few support groups you could go to for that :stuck_out_tongue:

Aint wot your Mrs says :P:)

I’m Italian, how appropriate :slight_smile:

Nice thought Ang, but i couldn’t eat a whole one;):D:D:D

OMG I think this should be moved to the Adult section!! :w00t:

king of the bongo! :smiley: straight from congo :w00t:


Did someone else get that result?

I was rather confused by their conclusion, and apparently didn’t understand the questions.


Come on with the ‘Chiki in D’baski’!

Taiwanese :stuck_out_tongue: