What's under your seat?

Just out of interest, what do you guys keep under your seat?

At present I have a bikers first aid kit, some bungee’s and its also where my 12v cigarette lighter is. I might try and wedge my waterproofs in there too, to avoid getting caught out the few times I ride in jeans.

There’s usually a set of jump leads, disc lock, cargo net, backpack, toolkit, electrical tape. Plus at the moment there is also a pack of tissues and 2 cold relief tablets I forgot to bring back indoors.

Hairbrush …

Mirror, lipstick, perfume, hand cream


vaseline lip therapy

20 B&H & a lighter for emergencies
Std Honda Tool kit
32mm Socket & 12" breaker bar for chain adjusting
Dry winter gloves
Industrial sized can of chain lube
Chain & padlock
Pinlock visor insert
2 piece waterproofs
One pack of latex prophylactics (still in date )

& Tissues (never know when ya might need some)

all i have is my exhaust conversion, no room for anything else

Chain Lube, waterproof over trousers, two tea towels (for drying off the morning dew) std tool kit!!

I still have room for some (rather squashed) sarnies

Nothing as there isn’t any room for anything under my seat

VFR - standard toolkit.

R6 - standard toolkit and first aid kit.

That’s all

Wow, some of you have a lot of space udner there! I forget, most of you guys don’t have top boxes, so lots goes under your seat…

No I have a top box too and that’s got more food in it!

Um…rear shock adjuster thingy…i’m sure thats not its true name…but dont care

I have this strange monkey under there too…belongs to someone…not sure who …and a sweatband…this too stolen in full view of said owner

Do you have a licence for this monkey?

I bloody knew I’d left that monkey somewhere! Can I have him back please? He gets rather upset when I leave him under bike seats.

The space under my rear seat is limited - I have a Cruz Tools set, the original Honda tool set, cig lighter, starcom cables, bluetooth receiver for the phone, and my helmet secure lead thingy. And some squashed food.

MacP - you still hiding food in the crevasses of your bike? I’ve told you about that - a little family of rats will move in and eat it all.


One roll of duct tape! It’s all you need. (Also all that will fit.)

You know what they say… “If you can’t fix it with duct tape and bungee cords… it’s serious.”

I think Ginger would agree with that statement!