What's the most retarded thing you did as a kid

Just posted this on another thread, but figured it’d be interesting to read about what other muppets we have on here…

When about 10, I remember setting a small fire in a ditch with a mate, and then seeing who could run through it the slowest…luckily one of us grew up into a sensible fully paid up responsible member of society

You guys?

12 years old riding my pushbike to a karate lesson with my karate suit in a plastic bag hanging of the handlebars - it got caught in the front wheel and I face planted in the tarmac. Slid down the road on my face and ended up concussed and covered in blood.

Funnily enough a passing biker stopped and asked if I was alright.

Bikers often turn out to be good folks. :slight_smile:

geez where do I start ?

I had pyromaniac tendencies as as child and these tended to cause a few problems.

Made a home made flame thrower …(fairy liquid and kerosene is fun) burnt down most of my garden with that.

home made volcano which reulted in our kitchen getting destroyed.

Home made time bomb which destroyed our nice orange tree and almost killed me

and theres more!

when i was about 6-7 i remember running up some swimming pool slide stairs which were metal for some unknown reason and consequently slipping and split my chin open on a step. epic fail

“Home made volcano” sounds interesting. :smiley: How did you make one?

hmm this post looks familiar :stuck_out_tongue:

At 12/13 I Stole a Bus a Big Red One

About 11 I saw a mound of sand as the paving slabs were being laid during the day and thought yeah that’ll make a great jump on my bmx.
Full speed ahead the bmx went in and I fell through the windscreen of a parked car.

Head butted a full length mirror when I was 5 with left me with a shard of mirror sticking out of my head

Kept jumping on a garage roof until it collapsed with me on top of it aged 13

Metholated spirits flames throwers - fill bottle, light end and jump on bottle!

Aerosol cans in fires (didn’t everybody do that?!)

Set fire to old ROC Shelter, when in it - new pants please!

Put fork through foot in enthusiasm to go and get lunch - ouch!

I was about 6 and we had a wasps nest in the garden. It was in a kind of rockery type scenario at ground level.

My 11 year old brother dared me to jump over it which i did wearing nothing but a pair of shorts.

Sure enough i was stung on my testicles and my mother had to rub cream into them… the shame still haunts me…

Oh god…where to start!1. Accidentally (honestly, it was an accident) set fire to a cornfield whilst it was half way through being harvested.

  1. Crashed into a parked car at about 25mph on my bike (as in bicycle, not motorbike) causing a £few hundred worth of damage to the car.

  2. Accidentally shot my older cousin (he was 19 at the time) in the foot with a 12ft/lb air rifle. It penetrated a leather boot and into the rear of his heel and just into his heel bone. This resulted in him spending a good few days in hospital and being on crutches for quite a while thereafter.

  3. Made home made fireworks (which was more like an incendary device with a payload) and nearly caused myself some serious damage.

  4. I used to cover butane gas cylinders (camping stove size things) / hairspray etc in petrol and set them on fire and then shoot the gas cylinder with an air rifle. This results in the lit petrol igniting the gas as it’s punctured by the air rifle and resulting in a massive fireball. I lived in the middle of nowhere by the way, not London… :smiley:

I’m sure there are loads more…

My mate John definitely wins the star prize. Him and his mate were making fireworks in his mate’s parents house (it was a large converted barn next to a church) and they managed to practically burn the whole thing to the ground!!!

not get into bikes until I was much older… can’t believe how much fun I missed out on… I STARTED riding like an old man… what a waste!

very tame compared to you guys… but when i was about 6… my mum was gossiping to her friend outside a VG Food Shop… i got bored & climbed to the top of a metal Streetlight… my mum was wondering why there was a crowd gathering around her… looked around waist height yelling my name… & i shouted “up here”… then she realised why everyone had gathered round !! :smiley:

anyways… i couldnt get down as i was caught up on something… & Fire Bridgade had to come… lol !! :stuck_out_tongue:

I rode my mountain bike down a flight of concrete stairs at a flat I was living in. About half way down I went over the handlebars and the bike landed on top of me. There wasn’t even an audience to witness this amazing feat. I didn’t break anything but badly brused my elbow. I have no clue why I thought that would be a good idea.

Oh and the bike had no suspension, it was rigid.

As a result of blowing bubbles, I developed a taste for soapy water which resulted in me filling a bowl with warm water and fairy liquid and drinking it through a macaroni straw. Did that on a regular basis, aged about 4. Can’t remember why I stopped.

There are lots of others but they will be way too embarrassing to go into…

when i was about 6-7 took apart my grandfathers radio because i wanted to make a (casio) watch for me and a synth for my sisters :w00t:

my folks found it and where not happy… a couple of months later (xmas) my dad was bored so i convinced him to put it back together. and I then talked him through were all the bits went.

there were a few screws left but for some reason he decided to test it (you see where my crazy side comes from eh? ) he plugged it in and after I all took a few steps back he turned it on!

it actually played!!! :w00t:

Dont all kids love to play with fire ?

Bought a load of fireworks as a kid then decided to take them apart and see how they worked.

Have some Mr Kipling cherry bakewell containers all over me be as me and a mate empited all the contents out.

Tried to see what made the sparkles and in doing so watched a sparkle jump accross the bed bounce and land in a mahoosive pile of black powder.

2 seconds and one hell of a major " Whoosh " later i have rockets going off in my room , without sticks , bangs , all sorts and end up with 4ft of smoke from the ceiling down!

Cralled accross on hands and knees to the window at which point i said to my mate you had better leg it before the shite hit the fan with me mum.

Anyways she was asleep in the other room and as it was November thought nothing of it.

6 months later i was still sleeping with my duvet turned upside down and a sleepingbag between me and it covering up the big hole .

Happy days

Aged about 10, was unimpressed with the level of power on my Meccano set battery powered motor unit so rewired the motor up to a 3 pin 240v plug, whacked it in the socket and switched on - cue explosion, flashes of flame, black smoke, scorched wallpaper and a melted carpet, black crusty fingers and no eyebrows or fringe. :hehe:

kicked over a tin of varnish and used the hoover to clean it up…week later mum was complaining hoover was broken …:Whistling:

Me and my friends aged 12 were obsessed with explosives. We used to steal stuff from the school labs to make them. - It was only stuff that’d give off a flash or a bang, nothing that would put a hole in anything. When I used to visit france we used to buy these bangers that were like sticks of dynamite. Once these students thought they were clever by taking the **** out of us and bully me and my mates, so we strapped this massive banger to their window with masking tape. It blew their window right through :smiley: I know it sounds terrible now but at the time it was hilarious, seeing that flash and hearing those screams. It was a terrible thing to do, but they were asking for it :stuck_out_tongue:

Wouldn’t think twice about doing something like that now.