Whats everyone upto 2nite??

Im just gonna be watchin hellboy in preparation for going to see hellboy 2 along with a tub of ben n jerrys baked alaska n some choccie lol, sound like a big girl :P:D

I’ll be trying to avoid hearing/seeing or having anything to do with x-factor… :angry: bloody TV

+1 cant stand that or big brother:crazy:

Unfortunately the Mrs seems to think that X Factor is top TV entertainment… and there’s no where I can go in the house to get away from the bloody thing.

I shall be working tonight, enjoy the film Curtis:)

Give us a review of the new one for our Rob :wink:

Quiet night in for us as done tooooooooooo many hours this week :slight_smile:

I’ve never seen the first film but brought it on play.com for £2.99 cos the Hellboy 2 looks awesome. Hopefully will get round to sitting and watching it tuesday! :slight_smile:

going out with no porn people today :slight_smile:

My hero. nice pictures.

Diddly squat this evening 00

Don’t know

Drinking Bailies.

From the bottle!!

Waiting for the badger to come again.

Sitting on my new seat.

Waiting some more for the badger.

Contemplating the meaning of life.

Trying to remember Monty Python phrases.

Waiting for the badger some more.

Repeat x3.

… hey moley, is this the *badger * yor lookn fur?

just back from the cinema, went to see “somers nights” which is from the same people that brought you this is england or made in england…

was a good film, good acting, good cinema work, and it was based in london which is nice its always cool to see london in films!

Just watching the thomas crown affair now on itv until Match of the day comes on! Is it just me, or do others out there think Rene Russo is HOTTTTTT!!:smiley:

Hehe…that reminded me of this…

I’ve just got home from the cinema, watched Hellboy 2 :wink: It was pretty good, some rather funny moments in it - especially with all my mates laughing and dancing to it :stuck_out_tongue: We all enjoyed it so it’s worth watching

bought a new bike today, and just got back from Leicester square after a mcdonalds and bit of banter chat with smiled :smiley:

Mole, we are worried about you - don’t drink anything from a bottle. At least use a BIG glass. Hope you see the badger. Will let you know when we are riding to Hellfire caves, we remembered that you want to see them. Maybe Monday? Is that too soon for you?

Best wishes

i love bailies, cant buy it though, it never lasts. i drink it like milk.

mmm, big glass of bailies is good for you

like Guinness is good for you :wink: