What's a garage?

Has anyone got experience of insuring bike in a non brick (ie timber frame structure)?

Fyi found this on devitts site

The most common types that are acceptable must be brick built, with a concrete base, four walls, a roof and lockable point of entry.

Now some insurers will accept a wooden shed or a metal bike shed, providing that they are securely locked and permanently fixed to the ground.

I’m having a garage refurbished at the moment. It used to have a timber extension on it. I had to push to replace that section with a solid brick construction for just this reason. I did not want any issues with the insurance and wanted to maximise security.

Any idea what the difference in quotes were.

What I’m thinking is building a den/office/bike garage at the end of a garden

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I’ve been down this road with insurers. For them a garage is: brick built, metal door, to which you have exclusive access.

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When I was looking at whether I could do this with one of those ‘DIY’ garages in various rentals, I always came across the same wording…

this is what im thinking :

big garden structure that i can work on the bikes but also wfh in. if it needs to be brick i will make sure its def brick

I think Jamie had one of these in his previous property…

But shame on you on wanting to swap the KTM for choppers :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

TBH I think you’ll be better off with brick. The number of insurers that will allow this kind of structure as garage is probably small. So for most you’d be looking at garage or not garage, rather than something in between. And that means you can only get quotes from a small pool each year.

It would be worth it just to save the hassle…

yep thats my thinking too…

I’d budget £10-20k for a brick built garage. Price varies depending on size, configuration (doors/windows), finish (ceiling/walls/floor) and interior fitting (water, power, cabinets, shelves, security, aircon, etc.)

Garage I’m refurbishing at the moment is £10k for the garage works then probably £1-2k for the interior fit. This involves:

  • Demolition of timber extension
  • Demolition of garage end wall to open it up
  • Removal and disposal of asbestos composite roof
  • New brick construction for replacement of extension
  • New brick work for levelling off height of old wall to make it taller and square
  • New roof
  • Plaster/render inside and out
  • Epoxy floor
  • Plumbing
  • Electrics
  • New security door

Suggesting more money for a whole new garage because:

  • You’ll need a concrete foundation built
  • Much more brick work
  • You’ll need more doors, i.e. a security roller door
  • Electricity install might cost more as you’ll presumably have to provision this from the house
  • Same for water
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You are right to raise this as an issue. I’ve heard lots of horror stories and had bikers come to me when their bike has been stolen and the insurer refuses to pay out.

The most memorable of which was a biker who lived in a flat (common) and had an underground car park (again, common) the issue being, it was a communal underground car park (not exclusive access) and they refused to pay out.

I’d definitely get it cleared up before paying your money.


Out of interest, in what capacity?

You may find you’re limited to insurers however I would try those who will insure a non brick structure for a quote to see if the extra cost of yearly premium vs the extra cost of brickwork .
Its like those who state that they will use x y z security and get a £20 premium reduction … I would pay the extra £20 just to reduce the hassles of that one time you don’t use it or the if you pay more excess we will reduce your premium so you pay £250 compulsory excess and select £500 voluntary excess to have your premium reduced by £15 …


yep i no longer declare chains/disclocks even if they bike is covered in them so the one time its not locked up and something happens.


Perhaps foolishly I tried to get a discount for multiple security devices when I insured my bike. The insurer was only interested in one device, datatag. They did me a favour really.

I’ve only got 1 lock declared on my insurance and that’s a requirement from them in addition to the steering lock.

MCE allow sheds/timber workshops as garages. Been insuring with them the past 8 years because of it. BUT… it’s MCE… never had to claim so never had a problem lol


As a solicitor. Some of the guys on this forum already know me :slight_smile:
My background is all legal. Police. Crown Prosecution Panel. Solicitor and 10 metre swimming award👍


do concrete sheds count as brick built?


Here we end up in the grey world of legal definitions! A court would likely side with you if an insurer tried to repudiate on the contract (or not pay out!) on the basis that is not a brick building. I think the court would give the definition a wide range of meaning.