What's a garage?

Concrete is masonry. There is no special magic to bricks…the insurers are showing a lack of building materials knowledge if they exclude one type with out justification…but of course they can choose to be ignorant I suppose. No reason why a timber structure can’t be fully secure either.


Bennetts recently put out a video on their youtube channel on how to make your shed secure, don’t know if that means they count it as a garage or not though

My bike is insured with bikesure, and it is garaged in a wooden shed but had to be on a concrete base, there are no windows , all the hinges have coach bolts so cant be undone from the out side. I have taken other precautions , but all they do is slow anyone down who wants to try to steal my toys.


I would say the lock got stolen with the bike!


Probably not, due to losses with the old concrete sectional garages. Though those you’ve linked to are a different construction mechanism.

I have a brick garage but the wall construction seems pretty irrelevant since to door is made out of something only slightly stronger than tinfoil.

The stuff I lock inside it is secured with chunky locks and alarms (I don’t usually garage the motorbike and the saving on insurance for doing so was pretty negligable).

I reckon I could make my timber shed as secure as my brick garage without too much effort.

I realise that those facts are irrelevant if you were arguing with an insurance company who had specified a brick garage.

Re: Bennett’s;
They do insure metal and wooden sheds, in addition to the standard brick. The video linked above does clarify this about 20sec in.

It is the reason I am insured with them. I have a big asguard shed and they insured it for me no problems.

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I receive an email from MCE last year confirming a garage is a building constructed to house vehicles made of brick, concrete, steel or stone. Wasn’t requested but assumed they were rejecting claims so needed to clarify.

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Oh they must have changed that recently. I only ever insured with them as they let timber workshops count as garages