What would you never buy

people always tell you what to buy, but though it might be an interesting to see what people would recommend not to buy.

so :

What would you never buy :wink:

Insurance via Bennetts (broker) or Zenith Insurance

Boil in the bag waterproofs, just spend a bit extra on breathable, even in my limited experience it makes a big difference.

Any chain that’s not an Almax

Sainsbury’s or Tesco’s petrol

Green LEDs :Whistling:

Wavy Discs and all that blingy stuff :laugh:

Sex :wink:


Tyre flys, handbags (mits), neons,:smiley:

Rim Tapes, Coloured Engine Bolts, Green LED’s, Plastic Crash Helmets, Dianese stuff

Takachi lid off ebay, might aswell wear the box in comes in:)

Another Years Membership of the 59 Club !!

Pit lane walkabout pass for WSB at £20 a pop

A green kawasaki!!!:smiley:

crap anodised bolt ons…

Green LED’s.

Can’t think of anything else…lol…sorry slarty! :blush::hehe:

Sex!?!? If you never paid for sex Tel, you’d still be a virgin!! :stuck_out_tongue:

You sure learn who your friends are don’t you ! :crying: :wink:

Bike gear from Lidl

Anything whatsoever from KwikSave

Oh & of course Green LEDS :wink:


Celery or a donkey called Colin

What about Aldi and Netto?:wink: