What would you never buy

anything from Metropolis, not keen on uprights either :stuck_out_tongue:

Some of the Lidl stuff is not bad and very good for the price. As for me - I don’t imagine I would be buying any knee sliders any time soon.

Yes but its not John Lewis is it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anything that needed a lot of cleaning…

you been talking to my wife, that’s her line

Yellow snow from an Eskimo :crazy:

Sweeties from Michael Jackson :ermm:

Chocolate fireguard :unsure:

Do people pay for Gren LEDs? :stuck_out_tongue:

Dunno about gren ones grim, but some people may consider buying green ones :wink:

Anything that is supposed to make my bike lighter;)

Oh yes, and green LED’s:P

Bolt on anodised tat, bling, rim tape, LEDs, cosmetic carbon fibre

Scott-oiler (aka drippy mcnasty).

Chinese budget bikes

Any other make of lid apart from Arai, Shoei or AGV



and green LED’s

Any Ducati.

Coloured headlight covers, mohawk for my lid or ears, food from lydden hill snack bar :slight_smile:

Little things :wink:

Yea Cosmetic Carbon Fibre - that’s the one - or worse Look-a-like Carbon fibre.

Hi vest top

Please enlighten me what’s wrong with Dainese stuff?

Cosmetic Carbon Fibre - the biker equivalent of a his and hers named sunvisor in an XR3i. Can’t think of anything more useless except maybe tits on a boar.

Another thing I would never ever buy - Tottenham season ticket, why buy pain unless into S&M???


Anything Terry or Adam have ever owned, one carefull owner my arse.

Don’t ask me, ask anyone who works in the leather game;)