what would anyone HONESTLY do with your life and your bikes life in danger?

:)mmmmmmm lets see!

let the angels show their halo`s and the devils show their horns;)

You need an option of, ‘stopping him and taking things into your own hands… not damaging his/her vehicle though’ :wink:

option no.3 but not report just smash there windows in;)

that`ll be a 5 then!:wink:

Where’s the option to lob a disc lock through his back window?:cool:

I wonder what happened to Ninja Kid?:D:D:D

that`ll be a 5 too chunk;)

Thats for me to know and them to find out but whatever it was it would not be posted on a public forum :wink:

So I guess thats number 5 for me too :smiley:

LOL Chunky I was thinking EXACTLY that !! :w00t:

I voted for option 5. You don’t need to know why :wink:


Thats another number 5 :smiley:

Not sure I understand the question but are yuou asking what I would do if another driver threatened my life ?

Pretty simple answer chap, get out of there as fast as. Got too many things left to do, not ready to die yet. Leave the retaliation for those who have finished with their lives, just get out and put it behind you.

If you start retaliating you’re as bad as the other person and if plod get involved and a witness gets the wrong end of the stick and says you were racing or trying to damage the car etc, I’d not fancy your chances in court.

Just let it go, I know I’ve not been riding very long but I get all sorts of idiot trying to race me in my Dax Rush, but it’s much easier and safer to let it go, regardless of what they do.

Voted ‘5’ - ride away and forget it within seconds. Only safe way to proceed. Concentrate on the future, not the past.

That’s what’s worked for me. Only bit of the past I concentrate on is if I could have avoided it, if so fix it if not move on.


I’m with the f*** it, forget it group.

Happens all the time and , unless it’s very serious and you’ve got witnesses on your side, it’s just one of those things that you survived.

Now if we are asking about the little s**t at London Provincial 6 District that halved my tax code because they could not cope with life, reality and figures on paper, I’m in with the “retaliate first group”.

no. 5…;).


I voted for number 9, it’s been left blank and open to invitation. Seriously though Daz having a criminal record to a lot of convicted people today just means used toilet paper (gets flushed away). I was convicted on four separate occasions back in the mid 90’s for a string of violent offences ranging from Rioting, Affray, Common Assault, and Criminal damage. These days are something i cant forget about and do not wish to because they remind me now aged 31 to think before committing to confrontation. I feel your passion for hate, i am still someone that loves confrontation and can be very hostile indeed. My mum always used to tell me to ignore the big boys at school, i did because i understood bullying was part and parcel of play ground yard school rules all those years ago. Like a pack of wolves, there can only be 1 dominant tail held high dog, everyone else must fight for pecking order. When i was 16, could not get in to trouble with the fearful teachers so i turned on them ‘big boys’. It was the law that then slapped my wrists hard and this is only an example of truth, but them convictions have stopped me from doing such careers. Took me some 7 years of good behavior to get in to the British Army, even then they speculated on my suitability. I would love to be a traffic cop and spend all my days catching people on mobile telephones, ignoring the highway code and driving around London like they are still in Colombia.

As i said to you yesterday, forget about the mirrror you did what you did and that time has past. The twit in the car was wrong but he has also gone in to the future. Forget others opinion but look after yourself, next time stop, count to 1000, breath, laugh and enjoy the rest of your day. :wink:

option 5. Im a fairly reactive guy if the wrong buttons are pushed but i would also just ride on and forget it. Learn from it and realise that the average person driving a car barely knows what they are doing or whats going on outside their safe little cage.

If I had time option 3.

I wouldn’t report it but terrorise him for months.

I’d put kippers on the radiator of his car, write things in parsley seeds on his lawn if he had one like “C**T”, this never grows out and has to be dug up. My fav though is to get a can of shaving foam, freeze it in liquid nitrogen (lab contacts help for this one), remove the can then post the frozen foam. When it defrosts it explodes and covers everything in foam.

Non physical retrebution, matbe just move things around his yard to freak him out…lol.

Alternatively you could always just think “KNOB” and let him walk into more trouble all on his own.

The problem is that when someone starts driving like a clown and causing you to manouver out of the way then thats what you do, you then hang back / go well in front and don’t go near them again. (A possible for option 5 which I ticked).

As for Halo’s, yes I do have one !