what would anyone HONESTLY do with your life and your bikes life in danger?

A top post mate.

It would involve a gun and a Handgun carry license and a .45 Colt-flavored Smith & wesson.

But as it has not happened to me, we will draw a curtain over subsequent events.

Laugh at the drivers small penis then let them go off and crash, flopping out of the car on fire, rolling around trying to put the flames out. Or maybe that’s just in my warped mind.

option 5 + option: all of the above :smiley:

good post, nicely said :wink:

Option 5 - I would try to listent to my head not my heart and stop let him go. At this stage it is only your pride that is hurt. Geting into confrontation risks doing something you will regret later or getting actually hurt. Not worth it and the tosser may just take it out on another equally innocent biker.

Thank you Trojan and GSR SuperDude for the kind affection. :slight_smile:

ok lads and lasses. lets try and end this on a happy note. im still alive! yes i lost my rag but it was a reaction rather than me being an anti car/mirror thug. im 37 and was a first and hopefully last. as a reletavley new member to this group my post certainly made for good reading ,with a few members getting very very political and judgemental. please bear this in mind peeps i honestley beleive that NO-ONE can honestley say what they WOULD do in this sort of situation unless personally expeirienced, like the select few. situations cause reactions and reactions are different all the time but you CANNOT plan reactions. like i say im alive. im certainly no thug as seems to be somes veiw. and hopefully i will learn and IF a next time MAYBE if i have the time to think i`ll deal with it differently. . … i have neither horns or a halo. …but i live to ride another day. thanks for all the imput folks …if a little political at times…until my next post!!!;):D:D:D:D:D:D:D;):w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t::cool::cool::cool::cool::):):):):):slight_smile:

Don’t appologise. We’ve all done things in the past that were, shall we say, not entirely wise.*

That was a good post and got some good responses.

(*I’m still wearing a denture as a result of one of mine.)

This morning coming down the A20 just passed The Dutch House pub there is an L plater very tentatively filtering between queing traffic. He passes a new shape fiesta and stops to berate the driver about a previous incident that i didnt see.

The bike rider bangs on the car window and tries to bang the cars wing mirrors off.

It made me laugh and reminded me about this thread.

The guy in the car loses the plot though and launches out of his car in an attempt to grab the biker, the once brave biker shot off like a bat out of hell unaware of exactly HOW close the car driver came to grabbing him.

Now I’m normally very laid-back and mild-mannered, but this is one of the few things that really give me the red mist.

Can’t help it, it just happens… I’ve calmed myself down a fair bit, but have in the past been arrestified for battering idiot car drivers.Worst was when I started hitting the guy with a chain and lock I had over my shoulder.

Not proud of it, but it happened.Mostly these days I find reaching in the car (if the window is open) and launching the car keys up the road makes me feel better.

Of course, being 6’ 2" and 17.5 stone makes it easier to intimidate people…