What will the black cabbies say now..??

They always use to talk bad about mini cab drivers…that they were

all criminals etc (I use to be part time cabie when I was a student) Now what they will say??


…back of my cab…'Sorry that’s in extremely bad taste so I’ve edited it.

What Derek and Clive would sayrude not work safe

http://youmix.co.uk/track/870574Sorry if this is bad taste, but I’ve nbeen drinking and my jusgement has gone out of the window. . .

probably something along the lines of “don’t let one bad apple give everyone else a bad name” …

Alogn wiht oyru spelinnng. Hop yuo hadd a ggod nigt oout:D

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Oh my go9d im confdusesd enouh as it si am gouing to besd

Gonna put a whole new twist on the “I read in the Sun…” stuff they usually come out with.

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How did that geezer get away with that 80 times (well, 79, obviously)? I suppose the women just couldn’t believe what had happened or something.

He is believed to have attacked more than 200 women, the specimen charges related to 14 women. So far, 85 have come forward.

A particularly shameful aspect of the case is the way in which some of the women who reported his attacks to the police were treated:

A senior officer told The Times: “We are really in a lot of trouble over this. Some heads are on the block. Some women were not treated well by police, some were told to 'F*** off, black cab drivers don’t do that sort of thing’. Others were not taken seriously because they were drunk.”

Equally, Worboys was caught due to the diligent detective work of a policeman tasked to investigate one attack who recalled hearing of another … then found a further link.

As a woman, this has not made me reconsider using a black cab any more than serial killer Harold Shipman has stopped me going to my GP. Predators like this can hide in any walk of life.

“Sarf of the river, lady? I ain’t gahn sarf at this time a night.” So they’re still a bunch of fuggers. :wink:

Thank god they have locked up the fugger - hope they throw away the key. . .

You really do amaze me easyrider:angry:

Firstly, has this cabbie been tried in a court of law yet?

Secondly, why should it have any effect of the standing of the other 21,000 or so Licenced Hackney Carriage Drivers in London? There have been quite a few coppers convicted of rape in the past, do you now see every police officer in the same light as the guilty ones?

Stick to “Rider Down” threads fella;):smiley:

Yes, found guilty at Croydon Crown Court on Friday.

OOps sorry… My Bad:hehe:

I have got to tread carefully here. I’m posting from work. Nice to see some positive points from wildwoodflower & Chunks. It is not a laughing matter. I’m a controller who has done 19 years with this company, and this is the last sort of publicity the trade needs. What with all the shite in the financial business-where we get most of our work. Then we have to justify this:http://www.tfl.gov.uk/corporate/media/newscentre/archive/4368.aspx

Yes, a 3.4% increase on the meter. Are they nuts?.

I wonder how many more will come forward?.


Soap box away.

I dont like black cabbies because they always rude to bikers…my point was they always show how law abiding and clean they are and in news always use to point the finger on mini cabbies…that ladies are not safe with them…now they will think twice…

Lets get all the sweeping statements out on one thread shall we?:w00t:

ChunkyMonkey (16/03/2009)

None of them ever indicate or look when they pull U-turns, or pull over sharply in order to get a fare. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve generally found them to be nothing but courteous… maybe I’m doing something wrong! :hehe: