What scent do you wear?

Run out of anti stinking potion the other day, gotta buy some more…

What do you wear? What do you like about it?

Davidoff “Adventure”, it masks the odour of rotting flesh. Must get that gangrene sorted one day.

Still not got your c0ck sorted mate, there’s only so much Davidoff “Adventure” can hide :D:)

Ive got about ten different types. No I dont know what theyre called just know that they smell nice. Ive got a small bottle of Hugo Boss at work. :cool:

Issey Miyake is my favorite and it comes in a pretty bottle.


I love ‘Rock N Rose’ … and its nearly empty :Whistling: (if flats is reading this!)

Chanel Allure ( for men obviously :wink: )

Coz it smells niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice ( apparently :stuck_out_tongue: )

i wear Hypnotic Poison :smiley:

My fave bloke’s scent is the original Dolce and Gabbana (sp?). it is especially nice in the winter, I don’t know why. A few ladies I know go a bit goo goo over this scent.

I tend to get what other people don’t - something different - that way more likely to be noticed, hopefully in a pleasant way! Therefore I can’t tell you what I wear otherwise I’d have to find a new fragrance myself. Good luck though.

I wear the stench of good honest toil:)

Jo Malone Amber & Lavender or Nutmeg & Ginger

both lovely

jean paul gaultier…love it…

or issyme iike or what ever its called!!

oh and armani summit…

clinique happy or issey miyake for me.

for the ladies, i paticularly like allure or JPG (it’s just a f**king sexy smell i think)

absolutely nothing :wink:


Actually CK1 quite reminds me of the slightly lemony smell of WD40! :smiley:

Eau de Sweat. Used to have Hugo Elements, but have some Hugo Boss stuff left. Hardly every wear it, just the usual spray on antismell/sweat stuff…

Calvin Klein - Escape!!
Failing that… L’eau de Bueller

Anais Anais by Cacharel - or if I’ve actually got some dosh for a change Caleche by Hermes <mmmmmmm>.

212, hummer H2 and that channel one for men in the grey box…homme sport or something I dont know?