What next - you help/advice.

So MY HP4 seems to be long gone - may i say hope the f**ker who stole end up under a bus on it!

This does mean there is a blank space in my garage. So i need to start thinking about what to get - i know oh how tough my life is - but we all know when you love bikes all bikes it makes buying one REALLY difficult.

SO i have a few options here is my current list but here is the thinking - IM going to sell the GS, i love it, its great but as i’m now so busy with work i simply don’t do the “big trips” i used to and for running around europe i can use pretty much anything.

I’m 90% against the idea of buying anything to “rare” due to the fact my last one went missing. But i do have 2 on that list.

1 - Stop being a wet blanket replace HP4
2 - Panigale Tricolour (pure beauty)

My issue is i will go a good 10 k a year on it as im down to 1 bike - Although i now have a private garage!

So then my list of other potentials included

3 - CBR 1000 rr Repsol 12 onwards (always wanted one - and now Zee Pony no longer owns one its possible)
4 - Big bang R1 - never owned one and always loved the sound. Plus they ride pretty well. (love the white and red anniversary)
5 - 1098 s Streetfighter - the outsider but i love the way they sound and ride.
6 - KTM superduke r 1290. - another outsider i think if im honest.
7 - Aprillia Tuono - really like these.

So ignoring the chance i win the lotto tonight and buy them all - which way would you go if you had to cut back to just one bike. 1 or 2 runs around europe, the missis out 2/3 times and year and the rest sunday fun and meeting pals.

Its worse i think as normally i have planned a change or fancied one, where as this time i was given one! I simply cannot f**king decide!!

Why not the new BMW S 1000 rr? Definatly stick to the Beemer brand (he says waving the Bavarian flag)

New R1…new R1…newR1…newR1…newR1…


Tuono or s1000r, if you are thinking about the Tuono or the KTM SD then you should defo have the s1000r on the list too.

between the Tuono and the SD the Tuono gets it as the modes are more accessible, you can change everything on the move, ktm, is stop, fiddle, go, fiddle more, go, get fecked off with fiddle fiddle fiddle and leave it on full beans all the time, which kinda spoils the point.

you’ve done the blade thing haven’t you?

I wouldn’t like to take the missus on any of the bikes you have listed for any significant distance and not expect her to be crippled afterwards, none of the bikes listed even deserve pillion pegs, let alone a pillion.

Out of the list the Tuono.
Second the recommendation for the 2015 S1000RR.

(I’ve decided I’m going for the S1000R, probably at Easter.)

now that youve got a garage i vote you get another HP4. that was an amazing bike! you could be forgiven for getting the R1 though.

I’d buy another R1. Certainly would go for a big bang version.

Hey Rixxy, I thought you had a Tracker on the HP4. What result did that give you?

More than welcome to borrow the S1000R and see what you think. I love it :wink:

Why not the new R1? The reviews that we have so far all seem to be positive:

If that’s not an option and it has to be from the list, then I guess I’d go for the big bang R1 for its character.

+1 on the 2015 S1000RR too.

How are you finding the longer rides on it PJ?
My only concern with going for the S1000R is the height of the pegs, even with adjustable rearsets.

Shocked no one has said the Tricolore, what an awesome bike with stunning looks to match, very rare you find a bike that has it all.

1299? You know you love ducatis, however that new r1 looks and sounds so nice on those launch videos… New s1000rr looks great too. Nice decision to have to make. Get test rides on them all…

New R1

new r1

woohoo! :smiley:

X11, no question. Not sure you could handle the power though.

Yamaha R1. Da newer da model, da better.

Surely for practical purposes a sport tourer would be best? you still get all the fun at the flick of the wrist and yet all the comfort of an adventure bike?
is that even an option for you?

-BMW K1300S
-Kawasaki Z1000SX
-Honda VFR1000
I have 0 experience with any of these bikes but pretty sure they could do the job.
depends what you really want :slight_smile:

also if none of these are applicable my vote would be for another HP4, saw the pics and was instantly jelly.

as a tuono owner, I’d go with the superduke from that list.

but if it was me, I’d get the multistrada tricolore.

have you sold the 1098s now?

don’t want a sports tourer, been there and done that.

The new R1 looks great in pics but is so ugly in the flesh its such a shame.

Yeah HP4 had a tracker but it never went off. :crying: