What do you put on yours????

Don’t forget it’s Pancake Day today:cool:

I’m a traditional Lemon and Sugar kinda guy.

What do you prefer on yours?:wink:

Snap CM, lemon and sugar all the way but with a bit of ice cream and mayple syrup as well :smiley:

honey lol

I’m a misery, don’t really like them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Golden syrup or banana and nutella. Yum :slight_smile:


I’m also an old-school, lemon and sugar fanboy

Jam for - Nutella for the kids.

Get some blackberries, rasberrys and blackcurrants and warm them gently with a bit of your favourite liquor to soften them up. Allow to cool in their own juices.

Make pancake

Lay/squish the berries in a line across the centre of the pancake and then lay some vanilla ice cream on top.

Wrap the pancake up, allow the ice cream to melt a little and enjoy :smiley:

I like 'em sweet but I also like them savoury too - ham and cheese Hhhmmmm…

I like them with Ice Cream and/or syrup…

That makes me feel dirty just thinking about it…

Lemon, sugar and golden syrup… mmmmmmmmmmmmm! :smiley:

sugar for me :slight_smile:

traditional mate - Lemon and sugar :slight_smile:

Carnation squeezy caramel, lemon and sugar, nutella or bananas and squirty cream. :smiley:

Now that sounds nice i lurve ham and cheese!:smiley: followed by what Elad said mmmmmmm


a small amount of sugar, lots of lemon
and none of those thick pancakes, nice 'n thin are the best
god i’m hungry now :stuck_out_tongue:

I fill them with chocolate, jam, cottage cheese, sumtimes poppy or walnut… yummyyyyy:D