What do you call yours

After seeing Westies smart new ride and his name for her, do any of you have names for your bikes?

Mine was called Tracy by someone the other day and it’s just not a Tracy.:blink:

I have no idea what to call it but beatch!

well all mine have had names:

ive had Brandy, Harriet, Daffyd, Ben, Penny ( god rest her soul) and Penelope.:w00t:

you slag!:smiley:




I think I need a naming ceremony, maybe a poll of names. Although Jessica springs to mind!

Names for a Black(they’re faster) B-King

what a good idea. i need a naming ceramony too, shall we have a joint one?:stuck_out_tongue:

You gonna need a bottle of Pink Lady Westie :)Hannibal, you’ll need Guiness :smiley:

Sounds good to me, I’ll be at the Ace tonight. :smiley:

oh feck i left the red ribbon at home lol:P


never named any of my bikes… although the gf calls it ‘your other love’ :w00t:

Jenna. cos it’s curvy and I like to ride it

just like a girl I know :stuck_out_tongue:

My CBR is called Bee cos she’s yellow and black and a bit large :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine’s called Rolling Thunder.

nothing yet but im thinking of calling it ‘Falangy’ :smiley:

no names for any of my bikes or cars, although the Sat Nav in my car is called Suzi!

Mine is lovingly called Lily :kiss:

Doris. She was called Doris before I bought her and I like the name.

Kuba (he is polish) :stuck_out_tongue: