What did you do today...

We started building my workshop:D woohoo…long way to go still though:doze:

Well i wasnt as busy as you, went to Tescos, built a box to put my kids board games in and went to visit my misses gran.

Kawasaki show at the ACE

Looking good Wasp :smiley: I went with the lads to Thruxton for the BSB, was wicked and a very nice day with the weather :cool:

i went to ace for the kawasaki day,

bumped into loads of LB’ers:D wandered around a bit chilled for a while then went home, and i beat teh lil bit of rain we just had:D:P

Got up early to go to Thruxton but was feeling like shyte (onset of man-flu :doze: ) and theweather was pants here.So felt sorry for myself and watched Le mans 24 hour and BSB then went to me mums to spread me germs:DNice shed WASP;)

Hey tiggi should be ready for tuesday night…your leathers i mean lol:D

Looking good so far Wasp, I could do with one of them !

I was out the front showing my daughter how to ride a scooter (toy one, she’s only 3!) then changed the air filter and spark plugs on the Bandit following by giving it a very much needed wash (and a ‘quick’ spin to dry it off).

Took the lucky conker for a ride out to Sandringham! Had a sandwich, slice of millionaires shortbread and a pot of tea, then back home to walk the dog.

You are all really p*****g me off now lol it turned out to be a lovely sunny day i wished i’d gone out on the bike instead :blink:

Cool, your a star :wink: will pop round one evening this week, will call you :smiley:

Had a super,trific,smashing great day @ Thruxton

Nice workshop Wasp, could use it to store a load of bikes :slight_smile:

I fixed the fairing on my track bike, was going to buy a new one but for £10 worth of resin and paint it looks useable. Also changed the spark plugs and generally pottered about in the garage. Looking back, did surprisingly little really.

Spent my day off in bed feeling shite :frowning: … need some chocolate now, that should make me feel better :smiley:

We started building my workshop woohoo…long way to go still though

wow thats some garden you got there:)

A bit of graffiti on the inside already, hm?

Or have the panels been left around exposed and unattended?

Isnt that the way it always is??? I spend ages in my workshop pacing around, looking at the bike project, working out what needs doing next then finally getting started, cup of tea, think again, sand something, mask something, fart around eyeing up somemore, then trying bits on the bike ahead of shedual to see how she’ll look, cuppa o tea again, then a some quality time on the throne with a few copies of parts catalogues eyeing up that suspension I cant afford. and so on and so on :D:D:D

I did a 350 mile day on the bike…sunny and warm here in Kansas again today. I did about 200 miles yesterday too. It’s wicked nice to be out again…particularly now that all the new bits are installed!

Cleared up and [u]put away[u]the tools after fitting the crash bungs and bars yesterday. (Dog of a job. Bloody Italians.) Prepped a new exhaust for fitting when the weather gets better. Finished the Planning drawings for the new garage. Drank some beer. Drank some more beer.

Did that stuff called “stuff” this afternoon. Drank some wine, ate dinner, drank some more wine.

So, nothing worthwhile, but next weekend…


Good luck with the new workshop. Looks like you are about three months ahead of me.

Awwww poor loopy hope you feel better soon luvvie:D

And yes it is a huge garden 135foot long:w00t: and guess who has to cut the grass:blink:

The workshop is going to be joined onto a garage area for the bikes;) oh and the crap graffitti was from the previous owners! i’m hoping smiled and ratty will do the graffitti inside…nice picture stuff not just writing!(hint hint…grovel grovel)oh and once its all up and the garden is tidy we will defo be having a L.b barbie:D