What a hopeless bunch.

Just been reading Hello Houston, we have a problem… and I’m overtaken by despair.

What’s the biggest single problem that maroons a bike after electrical faults and punctures? Yup. Broken cables.

For a few quid you can buy a little tin from “Trialsbits” (can’t be arsed to find the link) that has some inner cable and some solderless nipples. With a pair of pliers and screwdriver you make up a temporary inner cable. Takes, maybe, ten minutes and gets you home. And to the dealers and back home to do the proper job.

Of course, you do have to know what “pliers” and a “screwdriver” are.

Unless you are like me and don’t have the foggiest what you’re talking about! me, mechanics? haha

I actually totally concur with what you’re saying. These are the basic things that we should all know about to be able to keep our bikes running or botch-up a repair to keep us going until we get home. Personally, I blame an over-reliance on garages/workshops to do all work for us, and I know I’m partially guilty of that, even if the only damage I’ve ever had on the bike was kinda serious…

But following in my father’s example (Cheapskate, it’s the only reason) I’ll be carrying a tiny little tool kit on my new SV with all the tools of the appropriate sizes, as well as the right fuses, a load of cable ties, and now you’ve suggested it, some inner-cable repairy stuff.

You don’t even need to know that much about mechanics. Just know where which bits go where and you’re pretty much set.

However, if you think about it, the same is happening all over our lives. No one fixes their own car these days, they call the AA to do it for them. They don’t tend to bother to fix their own computer, they call tech support or someone to do it for them. Everything is done by someone else, because it seems we can’t be bothered any more.

Anyway, it’s late. I shouldn’t rant at this hour. Bad for the blood.

Thanks for the tip - I wasn’t aware that existed - I’m sure it’ll take up less space than the spare clutch cable I currently carry.

there are enough posts on LB about clutchless gear changing, perhaps a bit of practise at this would be useful, specially if your clutch cable breaks

i managed to stitch my bike together after a crash the headlight was on the floor but afew cable ties and tape i was riding clutchless as my hand hurt too much at the time.

But i hate public transport so being bikeless is not an opition

It’s getting worse too…I am fairly useless, but the next generation will be worse still, why fix something when you can “upgrade” it. Phones / TVs / I-Boxes - are just “throw away” items sadly :angry:

Even more worrying - I sound like my Dad:w00t:

Bit harsh really. If only everyone was as good at everything as the OP clearly is. :rolleyes:

Has nobody heard of breakdown cover, the most important spare to carry is your phone;)

It’s not even that expensive considering what you get in reutrn. Especially with the European option.

Fully aware of the temp repair, Why fix twice when a genuine cable is available??

I’ve got some damn goods excuses for being useless with this, I am a girl and I’m am blonde :stuck_out_tongue: Might break a nail of stuff it up being a stupid blonde :laugh:

Although I can do the basics I’d def give other stuff a go if I had a Haynes manual :slight_smile:

tough topic. Im in two minds. I have luckily grown up around bikes and can change/repair and sort most things. You have to start somewhere. hopefully that thread has woke a few people up and they too are thinking of getting their hands dirty every now and then.

Clutchless gear changes need to be practised when you have a spare half hour. Its a funny way of riding but teaches you so much about your bike, what gear you can cruise home in, what to do at roundabouts etc. Your never really going to get into much trouble as if you feel yourself heading for a ditch you can pull in the clutch, and try it again.

I do recommend people try it when they know there bike and are confident in riding. its just another skill.

On the whole recovery thing, when i take out insurance i have never been bothered or not. But…i broke down the other week. Generator gone, no power, no lights. Unfortunately my throttle is electronic so couldnt ride it home with no loghts (would have been fun along M25) I now am thankful i have break down cover… It came with the insurance and it got me home. From there i managed to source parts in my own time and then fit when i could find time, at my own pace and in the warm…

also a hand full of cable ties. electrical tape and a very basic tool kit will save you soooo many times. You can also help other bikes out and get them home for the price of a beer…

Haha, I tend to do more “why fix twice when the bodge is holding out?”

But, back to the OP and some responses, even if you’ve no idea how to, and have no intention of, repairing the bike, it’s handy to have the parts around in case you’re with someone who does (which you’re likely to be on any rideout), or if the breakdown people don’t have one.

i love it when a bodge stays and does the job like a throttle cable that snapped and then bridged with a hacksaw blade on an old transit my mate had

Not an excuse :smiley: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

ah yes but it’s only a BODGE if it dosn’t work ! …maybe they should include some basic motorcycle mechanical knowledge in the test … then there would be less of the stupid " basic common sense would solve it " questions … :rolleyes:


Just a thought OG - if this happened to your daughter (who is prob around the same age as Yolaah) what would she do???