What a hopeless bunch.

We’re all on a constant learning curve - I can do stuff now on the bike that I didn’t have a clue about ten years ago - just depends where you are on the curve. :wink:

thats fine if your willing to learn NJ , but there are people on here and various other places who can’t be bothered and just carry on asking stupid questions without even bothering to get off their arse’s and learn somthing …

Jetstrem My dughter is in her early twenties so your guess is probably right.

Difference is that in the back of her car there is a good quality spare wheel, a spare throttle cable, spare fuses, a spare bulb set and a fan belt. Like most twenty somethings, she’s never without her mobile phone and there’s a car charger lead and small torch in the glove box, so most practical bases are covered.

O.k. She can’t do any of that mechanical stuff stuff but the spares are (possibly)there when the RAC (or in Yolaah’s case, possibly a London biker with nouse) turn up.

I can do above the usual level of things. re-tensioning my chain/ removing the fuel tank etc etc. I always carry a few things when on my bike. zip ties and electrical cable is a must. I also have a screwdriver and allen key set, bottle of water, first aid kit and bungees but the thing everyone here (apart from PJ) should carry is a set of plastic gloves. you can get them free off any petrol station forecourt and they take up almost no room. invaluable when you need to be fiddling with a dirty engine

I once fixed a broken toaster

i fixed my dish washer once…by kicking it

What a load of ********.

Different people have different skill sets and if we all went around becoming mechanics what would the workshops do, they’d all have to close down. Some people fix their own bikes, decorate their own homes, fix their own computers, do their own accounting etc etc but it’s freedom of choice. As long as you aren’t expecting somebody to bail you out for free all the time then do (or don’t do) what you like.

I personally have no interest in fixing it or even cleaning my bikes. I just want to ride the damn thing. I’m happy to have breakdown cover, a mobile phone and a good reputable workshop.

Specialisation, divison of labour, using your skills to turn a profit, it’s what keeps people employed and the economy running. No one can do everything - there are loads of things in our daily lives that we couldn’t fix if they went wrong and would call a specialist in to do it for us. Why is the bike any different? For those that want to have a go themselves, fine. For those that don’t, also fine.

Couldn’t have said it any better myself;):slight_smile:

You beat me to it, we must have been posting at the same time - agree totally, obviously.

I totally take the point that not everyone has the time or the inclination to fix their bikes.Also in the sophisticated world we live in none of us can hope to master everything - I recently had an operation to have a rod taken out of my leg - I was quite happy to have the surgeon do it, rather than attempt it at home with the cutlery and plasters available, and to my knowledge there isn’t a haynes manual (yet) covering keyhole surgery.

On the other hand - if you the get time - learning how to fix your bike and spending some time at the weekend maintaining it is one of the pleasures* of biking and to be recomended. ;)*Apart from undoing stuck/seized bolts which are a f8cking pain in the arse.

Just because you find learning to fix your bike and doing weekend maintenance a pleasure, does not mean it’s a pleasure for everybody. Some people get pleasure sticking large objects up their bum and suspending themselves by their nipples…

Don’t knock it…'til you’ve tried it;)

Who said I was knocking it and that I haven’t tried it?

Good thread:D

I think the point Oldguy is missing is that us old timers had to be “tinkerers” out of necessity as the bikes we rode years ago were nowhere near as reliable as they are now and if you couldn’t fix things by the roadside you had no way of getting home!!

We always had solderless nipples and spare chain links handy but wouldn’t dream of using them these days.:smiley:

You could however buy a proper bike with a hydraulic clutch;):P:D

Also there is less you can fix. I carried all sorts of stuff in my first car, simply because a I could fix and be I didn’t have all that much money.

The only thing in the boot of the car now, is a 10L jerry can. The throttle is fly-by-wire, and any problems that I have have been down to faulty sensors and without the diagnostic computer to tell you which you have no idea which is faulty, and there is no way I’m carrying around a £150 air mass flow sensor just in case.

After agreeing with your argument you still have to snap back with something.

Well snap on this:

At what point did I say it has to be a pleasure for everybody? I said that not everyone is inclined to do it but that it can be a pleasurable experience.

And why do you equate learning useful mechanical skills with private sexual practices.

I’m sure that as you say - you have your own skillsets and areas of expertise - but on this subject you come across like a bit of a c*ck. :wink:

Not as much of a **** as you. You agreed with my point and it was you that snapped back with it being one of bikings pleasures which contradicts yourself. As I said, just because it’s a pleasure for you does not mean it’s a pleasure for everybody. I equated it with any random thing to point out that what’s a pleasure for one, isn’t a pleasure for all. Pretty simple really but if you still don’t get it, I’ll break it down into idiot proof language for you. :slight_smile:

love is in the air…

i might try some wheelies tonight