we've only made the front page of iTunes!

We’ve only gone and made the front page of the iTunes music store with our podcast! How bloody amazing is that!


___Picture 2.png

Wow! International fame for LB, eh?

I am soooo excited I just can’t tell you right now!

Well done guys. Amazing stuff!

i have just cum in my pants…

Let’s get you on air to describe that moment! lol!

Woooooooooo Hoooooooooooooo

Sweet as a nut…

Well done Matt and the Fox and Chuffster, Macp and Chaz…not to mention Richard in the Booth and all the guys that have contributed …Great stuff !!!

well done

Congrats Matt… and very well deserved

So where do i find this podcast then?


Well done!

Nice one!

Top work big guy. Radio 4 stand by…

Congrats Matt and everyone else who is involved…

well done guys!! i must listen to one!!

What a great job eh? It’s an amazing achievement guys! Great job!

Nice one guys, keep it up

I only download the podcast to listen to the Barros dulcet cockney tones. And what a great job he does too!! Keep it up mate.

And where were you this week?? Missed your contribution!!! The aussie bike contingent were sobbing in their beers and wine goblets when Barro was a no show…

And didnt see your name mentioned in the credits… someone forget?? Tut tut…

(Big shout to the Barro and friends…it just aint the same without you and your humour Barro… Think we will make you an honorary aussie)

he he fantastic! Yeap we missed you to Barro… stop working these silly shifts so you can come back in.