WET KNICKERS? - Go Commando

Calling all commandos !!!

Walk around your workplace today, safe and happy with the thought that your sodden g string/knickers/boxers/pants will be pleasantly crisp when you take them off the radiator and put them on to go home in.

Spend all day with a wry smile on your face as your tackle/flaps swing liberally in your damp trousers/skirt/tights.

You’re looking good my friends. :smiley:

lol, have you not heard of gore-tex? its marvelous stuff;-):smiley:

I think he’s talking to you Anna

nah, I expect she learnt her lesson and took the bus :cool:

No bus for me Im afraid, the wetter the better.

I’m going now, to turn my pants over. The backs are done.


Commando and in shorts :blink:

Watch out people i might poke your eye out!

I’m not at work today, but I’m taking full advantage of the empty house by having a “naked day”… :smiley:

Just had a naked omellette session and am now going to have a naked PS3 session! :stuck_out_tongue:

no need to go command if there is a dyson airblade in the handicap toilet :wink: :w00t:

Wet pants plus cotton = wet through office trousers. I look like I’ve pissed myself.


Life’s a bitch :wink:

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA Martin u just made me spit my coffee all over the laptop!

I love riding in the rain :smiley: Cos wen u get home u can have a nice hot shower to warm you up :smiley:

Didn’t really think about suitable apparell before I jumped on the bike today. Non waterproof leather trousers and boots meant damp balls and wet feet.

Toyed with getting my balls out under the hand dryer in the bogs. Hard one to explain though if someone walks in.

I knew my new Tuzo Dakar jacket, at £60, was cheap. This morning I discovered how cheap :frowning:

Seduced by the looks, I was, along with the size and number of the pockets :crazy:

Don’t waste your time getting cheap gear, people. I will be getting a refund for mine and getting a Rukka :cool:

braggin again!:stuck_out_tongue:

from 60 to 600! :w00t: you can go somewhere in between you know :wink:

my pants stayed dry, but if thats any consolation i spent half hour without shirt trying to dry out my sleeves… :smiley:

Not when a personal injury claim comes in courtesy of a recent close encounter with White Van Man who hits you when you’re stationary (as you’ve correctly predicted his next move, thereby saving yourself far greater damage/injury), and an insurance assessor happens to be in the car behind and he immediately offers to be your witness :cool:

+1, minus the poke your eye out bit - things suffer in the cold!!

+1 :smiley:

command too, goretex also but it seems as I was ridding all the water pilled up right between my legs and my tank, so I had a puddle… goretex or not it still went through. My ball part was the only thing wet… so half my underpants wet, half socks wet… need new boots me thinks and maybe spray some waterproof solution on my crotch.

EDIT: My palce doesn’y have hand dryers… can you believe that?? cheap b******* had to fill up my boots with paper towels and my underpants too can’t wait to put them abck on and head home:)) looks dry at the moment.

kinky! :w00t: