WET KNICKERS? - Go Commando

Andrei (17/01/2011)

command too, goretex also but it seems as I was ridding all the water pilled up right between my legs and my tank, so I had a puddle… goretex or nto it still ent through. My ball part was the only thing wet… so half my underpants wet, half socks wet… need new boots me thinks and maybe spray some waterproof solution on my crotch.


Yeah it’s weird how your crotch gets so wet in downpours.

I wear my work trousers underneath bike textiles so I usually spend the morning with a damp patch around the crotch.

A lot of the people I’ve worked with have just assumed that I was incontinent.

There are times when people post ‘this thread is useless without pics’

This is not one of those times :wink:

I have found that wearing black trousers to work on rainy days takes care of that ‘I’ve pi$$ed meself’ look. The dont show the wet patch. (maybe a bit, people still snigger)Back home again and guess what, fukin rained on the way back too… :w00t:

It is at moments like these that a vivid imagination is quite a handicap:blush:

eew dude! I didn’t think of that till u pointed it out. Thanks very much :sick:

It could be worse. At least he’s not having a naked Wii session :w00t:

Wet weather rant coming up!!!

Today it was just like getting into the sea in all my bike gear upon leaving home and surfacing at work looking like I’d swum the Channel on a wild day and then gone off roading - attracting much shock and horror. Coupled with the fact by the time I hit Brixton Hill loads of buses and lorries where showering muddy water all over the shop including me and the bike. Might as well not have had waterproofs on at all. Had the visor up all the way there and when I arrived my face was covered in mud and grime from the road and had to commandere all the radiators to dry off all the clothes, except the ones on me which soaked into my skin making today a horrible cold and damp experience all round :crying:.

Does anyone have any tips re water resistant visors? Much appreciated!!:smiley:

No, I didnt make this one myself. :hehe:


Aw, poor you Hels. Maybe you could get some support from LagosBleu :DI found Nikwax visor proof works well on the outside of your visor. And a glove with a visor wipe.Pinlock or Fog City are the champions of anti-mist inside ;)I got jet washed on the M25 this morning. Silly Billy, should have gone a different way. Even the cars were down to 60mph or less. One bit said ‘road liable to flooding’ and they were right. :w00t:

as for the waterproofs. I cant afford goretex so I bought an extra large 2 piece rain suit from halfords to go over my gear. Works a treat and it can be put on and off easily even with my TCX boots on.

£15 Simples and it’s wind proof so nice and warm :smiley:

Bricking it - Thanks Chuck - what a helpful post:cool::DSo you recommend:1. Nikwak visor proof (will take a trip to Infinity and see if they have any on).2. Pinlock / fog city - okay how do these work then?3. Visor wipes - another purchase needed.4. And LagosBleu - I hear that where he resides these weather conditions are not so common:DSo that means 4 to 5 good suggestions in one post:DSorry to hear about your M25 experience :crying:- I avoid that road even in dry weather :wink: At least you are safe and dry now:D.

dude, how dare you insult me like that, rain won’t stop me, snow didn’t stop me either…until it was so snowy that cars had trouble that’s when i decided to stay at home. as much as a like my comfortable sofas when i’m in the pub, i’m the sort of girl that doesn’t care about wearing dirty workman’s clothing and being dirty…upto a point though. i don’t mind sleeping under the stars is some dead end road either…:wink:

and no i didn’t learn my lesson, today i was wet again, and nope i didn’t go commando…i just soldiered through it. Half way through the day it all go dry. my boots though and my gloves were still damp. i don’t care though there are more important things in life that i should be worried about :slight_smile:

At Last! Someone who just cracks on with it. I can’t say too much cause I drive a van to work :PBut I quite like riding in the rain and dont mind getting wet. The only problem is that my boots let water in but not out!:crazy::laugh:

For the commute I rarely hit over 40 mph for any time so in really wet weather I ride full open visor and wear aviators. If the steam doesn’t get me then the scummy visor visibility does, so i find it better without. Accept the wet and enjoy the big puddles :slight_smile:

all i’m going to say about you mister, is that i was very close to mentioning your name when i mentioned snow :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Snow aint that bad to ride through;)My bike gave up before me:D

get yourself KTM as your next bike, but if you do then i cannot promise you that i won’t steal it and ride it on uneven ground and make it all dirty!

IF I got a KTM it would be a 990 SM. but the B-king still does it for me and NO, you can’t have a go:P