Westminster Parking - RINGGO not allowing parking anymore?

Good morning everyone.

I have recently tried to park my motorbike in Westminster, but the RINGGO app, now pink, prevents me from paying for the parking as it states “VEHICLE TYPE NOT PERMITTED AT THIS LOCATION”.

Could someone help me in understanding what is going on? I was able to park and pay last year; is there something I am missing?

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westminster’s website says its still on ringgo, are you sure you were using the correct location code (6789)


Thanks for your comment.

Have you parked an ICE engine motorbike in Westminster recently?

i have not, but there is nothing to suggest they are trying to ban ICE engines.

I’ve just done a test booking for 6789 and the app automatically recognises both of my (ICE) bikes and greys-out my car. So 6789 still seems to be working fine.

Thank you Michael,

I begin undestanding what is going on - I went to my RINGGO app and found out my Piaggio MP3 (three-wheeler) was registered as a CAR; tried to change it to a motorbike, but it did not accept the change. What a weird situation

Delete the vehicle and start again, should work.

I tried, and RINGGO still considers my PIAGGIO a car (!!!), hence I sent an email to them asking to rectify the problem

If that’s the one that can be ridden on a car licence, then it is not a motorcycle and should not be using motorcycle bays anywhere.


I’ve added a (friend’s) car to my account and I see there is no option for the user to choose, it decides based on the DVLA database.

Something is wrong if the DVLA have your Piaggio listed as a car.

Try typing your Vehicle Registration Mark into one of the parts suppliers web sites and see if you get the same problem.

eg https://www.eurocarparts.com

Could be

As mentioned above some Piaggio bikes can be ridden with a car only licence, something to do with the length of the bike from what I remember.
It’s the reason the PCO bods ride around on them.

It’s all about the tracking, so when are two wheels considered as one?

When they are twinned!

Vehicle Type Approval considers wheels to be twinned when two wheels mounted on the same axle have 460 mm or less between the centres of the tyres.

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Until the RINGGO app was green, it recognized my vehicle as a motorbike, so it either is always a motorbike or it isn’t.

and - by the way - the tricycles can be driven with a car licence, but ALSO with a motorike licence.

Thank you Michael,

I have double checked on my Log book, and I confirm it is not a car, but a three-wheeler (tricicle)

This convo has taken me down the rabbit hole of “is an MP3 a motorcycle or not?”

It seems to be a complicated subject with no definitive answer on solo motorcycle bays but there is a difference between the 300cc and 500cc and the Congestion Charge. One is liable, the other isn’t due to vehicle length.

It might be easier to buy a two-wheeler Emanuele.

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I think the answer is the earlier MP3’s have twinned front wheels and therefore are classified as motorcycles, the later MP3’s, the LT (Large Track) models, do not have ‘twinnned wheels’ and therefore are not classified as motorcycles. If I was a gambling man I’d wager that the @EmanueleF Piaggio MP3 is a LT (Large Track) model in which case the front wheels are 465 mm apart which means they are not ‘twinned’ and therefore the LT model is not a motorcycle.

I wonder what Piaggio were thinking when they spread the front wheels 5mm over the ‘twinned wheel’ threshold.


Hi National_Treasure,

Thank you for your articulated response.

Yes, you could have gambled and would have won. My question is: I have owned this vehicle for 4 years; how come it was considered a motorcycle with the old app (green) and now it is no longer the case with the new app (pink): the vehicle is exactly the same.

Hi Michael,

Thank you for your answer.

From your answer, I guess you are a “purist” rider. I have driven both 2 and 3wheeler, and can assure you that in terms of safety (shorter brake space, stability, safety on potholes under the rain), there is no match.

That’s a question for RINGGO. If I was a gambling man I’d wager a software or database update correcting an error or plugging a loop hole. I’d be interested to know if @EmanueleF is piloting the MP3 with a motorcycle or car licence.

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