West London Yamaha

How long would you expect to wait for a dealer to rebuild an engine???The engine went pop on the R1 on the Tues 3/06/08, the bike went to WLY (West London Yamaha) the following Mon 9/06/08 and up until today (24/06/08) the parts have still not been ordered, I know this as Yamaha UK phoned me today, It also appears that WLY have not been completely truthful regarding the delay(don’t worry Sean, i’m not refering to you), they have blamed Yamaha UK for the holdup

What would you guys recommend i do?? I’m getting really impatient now :angry::crazy:

Slightly different at Mercedes due to the company size obviously,

but even if parts are back order Germany, they’ll be here well within two weeks. It’s called dedicated customer service, if they don’t have stock, they’ll get it made asap

I’ll just say companies don’t like hassle from head quarters, so if you want to get this moving, get hold of yamaha UK’s number and nagg nagg nagg, demand to speak to someone higher than the call centre etc.
when management here of it, it’ll get sorted there and then.

been there, had to deal with that lol

Ricky! That is terrible news to read. I thought that WLY had been recently taken over by new management?! You would hope that the new owner will be doing his upmost to keep new customers.

Have you tried getting WLY to speak to Yamaha UK directly? Maybe if they knew you had spoken to both parties, then maybe the warranty claim could be sorted out quickly? Or… if WLY haven’t done anything to the bike so far, could you take it away from them and get someone else to do it? (Sorry Sean, I know that you do a top job there :kiss:

I hope this gets sorted quickly as I know you don’t have any other transport to use. I’d offer you my mountain bike but the gears are buggered :hehe:

first off ,i have absolutely no experience of bike repairers, warranties or even modern bikes so you can take what i say with a pinch of salt.
But in the middle of the biking season 2 weeks does not seem a long time to me to strip,inspect,order parts and reassemble a blown engine.

not yet ordering the bits and not being completely truthful [allegedly] would however suggest it may take a lot longer and i guess the only thing you can do is try to get them to commit to a target date for completion and possibly targets for each stage like receiving the parts, starting the rebuild etc.

Then phone them on the eve of each completion date having already let them know thats what you are gonna do…good luck.

I paid for a new JMC swingarm on 5th feb…i am still waiting !

I avoid main dealers full stop :smiley:

Last time I had to use one (closed down now) they forgot to order a whole exhaust system for my bike :wink:

If it’s a full strip and rebuild and you’re paying for this work yourself it might be cheaper to buy a new engine, Malc at Yorkshire Engines sells very clean, low mileage engines with warranty, he advertises on eBay. Depending on year, an R1 can be £800 to £1500 for the bare engine.

i’ve been pushing this as much as i can - 1 because ricky is an LBer, 2. i know what its like to be without a bike (stolen) we have had the main engine developer from japan in our shop, aswell as the main warranty/parts guy from yamaha uk to look at this bike, they have been dealing with it from the start and telling us whats happening (which i have tried to keep up to date with ricky as much as i am able to) we can only go as quick as they allow us to (they are currently reading all info from the cdi unit) and the claim for parts has been done, with the parts put under emergency order to get them here asap!

just so everyone is aware of the situation!

Some of you lot need to work in the trade for a while to see how hard it is - before leaving some of the comments i read in these name & shame post’s!!

A month is nothing… when the engine went in my Daytona it was with the dealer for over 6 months! Then when it came back it was still running like a piece of **** only to blow up again.

It sounds like you have the top bods working on yours R1cky, be patient, I know it’s horrible not having your bike but at least when it comes back it should be like new.

Hey plus you look good on Tiggi’s bike :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in the Trade :stuck_out_tongue: Can’t see anything that negative myself :ermm:Sounds like you have it under control to me :wink:

Thought I’d update you guys…25 days after bike arrived at West London Yamaha

Still no sign of getting the bike back any time soon although it was promised for friday 4/07/08 but they are still awaiting parts from Yamaha, the crank and engine casings had to be ordered at the beginning of the week, which have now arrived, apparently crank shell bearings can only be ordered after the crankshaft for some strange reason!!! now waiting for shell bearings to arrive, What i can’t understand is why the damage on the crankshaft and casings were not detected when engine was stripped “twice” i say twice because it was allegedly stripped 4 days after it arrived at the dealer and then 7-10 later by the top Yamaha Engine technicians,

I’ve been in constant contact with Yamaha UK to explain how dissatisfied i am with how things are progressing and to try and move things along, they have been very helpful but are at the mercy of West London Yamaha,

To say i’m getting very agitated is an understatement!!!

i would have pushed for a loan bike…

so this work is under warranty? then its going to take time…

good luck mate and dont be to hard on WLY if its a warranty claim thers loads of paper work and processes to go threw…

WLY do not have loan bike, I have asked several times, Yamaha UK wouldn’t supply me with one either, not even as a gesture of good will,

All work is covered by warranty, thankfully

Paperwork and processes haven’t been the issue!!!

They’re “trying” to get it ready for this friday, work started yesterday on the rebuild, let see if they can keep there word!!!

Are you still on for friday chap or have they moved the goal posts yet again?

Afraid not mate, it seems they’re “hoping” to have it ready for the middle of next week :w00t: which means the middle of the week after :crazy:

It doesn’t sound very promising for you at the moment mate!

Hopefully the carry on with your bike is just a one-off, I say that 'cos my bike is in thee getting some warranty work done as we speak :ermm:

Well, i really hope that you don’t have to wait as long as i’m having to, apparently my bike is “top priority”

I got mine back last night and they seem to have fixed the leak :slight_smile:

Hope you get yours back soon.

Still can’t believe that it was last Friday when we expected to see you back out on your bike :angry:

And now I can’t believe that you still don’t have it seeing as there were only two parts left to go on the bike last Thursday.


Fingers crossed for next week, at least by Wednesday at the latest.

How old is this bike? When you say it’s still under warranty does that mean it’s under 2 years ol, or did you buy it 2nd hand and it’s under a dealer warranty? Did you buy it from West London Yamaha?

If it is a relatively new bike, and you bought it from WLY I would start sending recorded delivery letters to the dealer principal, suggesting that they are in breach of contract. When you handed over the bundles of notes for the bike it was on the understanding that they would supply a bike that was fit for the purpose it was intended and that it would last a reasonable amount of time. Given that’s it been sat in their dealers for a while I would suggest that they haven’t kept their part of the bargain. Maybe they would like to pay for a hire bike while they dilly dally over your engine - that might make them pull their finger out.

I assume that due to the loss of the use of your bike you have incurred some financial loss such as fares your wouldn’t have needed to fork out for - maybe you could take them to the small claims court for that.

Pop in there today - ask to speak to the owner or whomever is in charge. Ask them the name of the company secretary and what address they would like to nominate for service of a summons to court? See what happens then…

I think it’s disgraceful, I believe they have had Ricky’s bike for over a month now, they not only have his pride and joy but his main mode of transport and they don’t seem to give a fug, they have given many promises to him about when it will be ready for him to have back but so far have broken all of those. I think they need to pull their socks up and get it finished, if this job is top priority then I’d hate to have a bike in there that wasn’t so important!!!