Wednesday 2nd November

Ive got a new bike, so that means we need a rideout.

Ive not made a route yet (might take requests), but probably meeting somewhere north of london at about 9 or 10, back at 6ish.

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I cannot promise, but I would be interested in a 10am to 4pm/5pm ride.

Definitely interested :+1: but the weather forecast is not appealing. :slightly_frowning_face:

Ah yeah meant to say, i dont have a way of carrying waterproofs on it yet, so it’ll be weather dependant.

Currently set to be dry though

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Currently a bit quiet this week so might be available. Would need to be back by 5 latest though.

I can’t do this Wednesday but if it changes I maybe able to make another day

Any idea of route? I’m still a definite possibility!

Rain is forecast spreading from the West later in the afternoon. That might suggest an eastward bound route might stay dry longer.

I’m still up for it too.

Met office reckon dry till 5, which is also when it gets dark, so we should be good (as I’d hope to be at least on the way back by then)

Meeting south Mimms at 9 for 930 leave
high beech for 1030-11
Burnham for 1230
back to high beech for 5

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Went for a drive at the weekend around Cuffley. Add Newgate Street in between South Mimms and the tea hut. Should take you through some interesting roads.

I should be able to join you today. If so, I’ll meet you at High Beech and will be there by 11:00.

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I will definitely meet you at High Beech today.

Have a good ride lads!

Safely home, just before the rain.

Lovely day out, those relentless 90° corners around Burnham are wild, and great fun. Thanks Boris for organising and leading.

Nice to meet some (new to me) LBers in real life.

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Great ride today, nice lunch too. Thanks Boris.

Like Boris’ new bike but it lacks a blue spade.


Was a great day out, thanks for coming along everyone, and to martin for tailgunning
Made it back to the tea hut for 5 in the end too!


Boris - Thank you for organising and leading the ride.

Good to meet Howard and the Michaels too.

Also went through @National_Treasure 's infamous ford on the return too, didn’t stop for pictures though.
Was following a 4x4 that had been done up for offroading and don’t think they expected me to follow. It was about axle deep too

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Amount of water out there this morning I lost count how many fords!

Gutted I could not make it, next time though

Happy days. It happens at virtually every ford, a modified Chelsea tractor will show up with a driver that clearly doesn’t understand that crossing fords is child’s play and the majority of fords are classified as ‘suitable for all’. Those few that are not have warning signs on the approach or, like Ruffford, have the reversible ‘ford/road closed’ signs for when the ford is in flood.

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