Weather watch.

How exciting.:slight_smile:

It better not settle… I have to get to work tomorrow and then Aikido training in the evening… and I HATE the tube…

I hate the snow and i hope it doesn’t fall.

I’ve got a load of machinery to take up to east yorkshire and the scotish borders.I’ve just heard that there is going to be another 10cm of snow up there tonight. Hope the night heater in my truck doesent pack up…:slight_smile:

Drove from Balloch to Oban yesterday ad plenty of snow on the ground.

Today drove Balloch - Stirling - Falkirk - Linlithgow- South Queensferry.

Lots and lots of snow, lots of people getting stuck and me just having fun in a rented Corsa :D:D

There was a light sprinkling as I travelled down the A40 back from the Ace … started at Acton … finished by Edgware Road

This is what it looks like in Livingston tonight and I drove through worse today.

…that looks pretty dire :Whistling:

Let us know how you feel about it tomorrow :wink: :Whistling:

I’m lucky in that if I can’t get to the normal office (if it’s snowing and can’t use the bike) I can walk to another office so won’t have to use public transport! :smiley:

What tube? The strike started 6pm today.

currently in lower normandy, due on a crossing tomorrow afternoon, and it’s now been snowing for the last 3 1/2 hours :w00t:




yup, snowing in Linlithgow! First time the my parents mut has seen snow…



Had a good few inches snow in Lincoln on Friday night… its all frozen though !!

My Mum lives about 5 miles West of Peterhead (40 miles North of Aberdeen) and she’s been snowed in for about 4 days now. She can only get out if one of the farmers gets bored and decides to clear the roads with their home made plows fitted to their tractors because the gritters never go down the Country roads.

I love the snow…I think I might move to Alaska cos for some reason…Slough seems to be enjoying clear skies! :doze:



realy ooo errr missis :slight_smile:

we do not want the fecking snow! lol
i wont be opening up if its snowing as i wont be able to get in

We do want snow From Wednesday when I am off for three weeks and I can go out and play in it…

Well completely snowed in this morning, had a nice 40 minute walk to the office :ermm:

Car park at work isn’t to bad though