Watch where you park...

Well had a lil bimble down to southend today…was a good day, nice lil ride up there, bumped into 7wheel at the 127 diner, had a tea…gawped at the huge carbs on the trike;)

got to southend see a few LB’S and the CBC guys…walking back up to the bikes at the other end of the front by the amusements…big crowd?..oh looks liek someones come off:w00t:

gets there, cant see my my bike for all the people, theres bits of plastic everywhere, gets to my bike…indicators broken? wtf!? then people start saying ’ is that your bike mate?’ then FBP and Ginger gave me the bad news…

seems a fella on a bandit was pulling wheelies…lost it slid down the road, clipped my bike and knocked it over…the slid into a van…well done…Big thanks to all there really, so many witness’s and big thanks to the LB guys and CBC guys that made sure matey didnt wander off…and for generally being there keeping me calm ta guys!:slight_smile:

so damage is…broken indi, scuffed chipped front panel, bent left pipe, scuffed bar ends/lever, mirror…its not too bad really, matey’s bandit is a mess and he doen it in front of thousands of people…DOH!

police came and sorted and ok’ed all the details the guy had given me, i wasnt leaving southend until i was sure he was giving me legit details, he i sinsured so all good.

on a brighter note…i got my kD on the half roundabout on the 127 on the way home…HAPPAY DAYS…:smiley:

bummer, just look at it this way, could of been worse, could be bikeless like me lol

Glad u had a good KD too!!!

yah know what stace them thoughts did go through my head, hope yours is sorted soon, need my KD partner in crime back in action!:smiley:

oh yesh its liek an s-bend stace, nearly left, proper down ion the right, bike must be fine!!

Oh no! When d’you think you’ll be able to get it fixed?

I am sorry to hear about the damage to your bike fella. This is the reason I avoid these type of meet ups and absolutely p*ss on idiots stunting on the roads (I had a mate have himself and his bike smashed up by one of these inconsiderate tools when living in US.)

I also applaud your calm approach as I would have leathered him. Severely. Stunting…It’s not big, its not clever just grow up. Or buy a BMX FFS. Or leave it to Christian Pfeiffer.

Thats crap, Bummer. sorry to hear it. Hope you get it sorted out soon. He must of felt such a tw*t in front of everybody.

i have some spare orange lens covers if it’s any use to you

m8 thats not good:crazy: did the fella get booked for stunting?

Sorry to hear this ratty mate - good job you got all his details etc.

mate…i was close i tell ya…Andy P gave me some sensible words;) luckily for me my mates know i what i’m like and kept an eye on me.

i liek stunting, love it…but theres a time and a place, southend seafront is not it.
but credit to the fella he knew he had been a prat, he owned up and took responsabilty and more importantly he didnt try mug me off with false details…he told me the truth as the police verified, if he had lied…i would have laid him out.

he did seem very embarrassed by it all.

5150- soon as i ring my insurance, tomrrow, get them on his insurance co’s case…

H- i need the whole unit mate!

bit of a sh1tter, but hey ho at least damage in minimal, all will be sorted in time for the sun im sure.

argh! such a pitty! just wanted to advise you! some times insurance company’s try to skank you off by saying you got no claim bonus coz you contacted them about this type of accident!

we had similar problems group of ppl riding in a car hit another car which in turn span out and hit our car which was stationary parked outside our house! when we tried changing company later on they told us we have claimed and they cant award us no claim bonus! so be careful! (HATE INSURANCE COMPANY’S HERE)

there wont be any problem, im with suzuki express insurance…they are ace, i was knocked off last october on my SV6, all 3rd partys fault, never lost my no claims then, im not claiming on my insurance, it will all go through his because his is at fault, as far as im aware he has also been booked for careless driving.

Welcome to the knock-over club mate :frowning: At least it was your bike and not you.

+1 at Jay! :slight_smile:

oh yeah, yours got knocked over on that friday, yeah good point fella, luckly depite how packed it was no-one was hurt:)

Sorry to hear that mate, blooming typical power rangers.

If you claim on your insurrance, even if you are not at fault, the company will reduce or remove your no claims bonus unless they recover all their costs from the other party. Sometimes this will mean that due to an unresolved claim you will have no no claims bonus at renewal time. If this is subsequently resolved in your favour, then the insurrance company should refund you the no claims bonus.

This is what happened to me when by parked car was hit by van that had a wheel fall off due ot dodgy maintenance.

im not, im claiming on HIS insurance, not mine, so my NCB should be ok, it never got touched when i had my last off cant see how this will be any diffrent.:slight_smile:

i had two people reverse into my CBR and it didn’t affect my NCB on either incident.