Watch where you park...

After an incident where I flattened a pedestrian a few years ago, I can tell you that…

If you inform your insurers they will open an accident file and you will lose your no-claims until it is resolved. They will re-instate your NCB when the file is closed, i.e. when they have recovered all costs from the 3rd party or when they are satisfied no claim against your policy is going to be received. If your policy expires before this happens, the open file will mean you will be renewing at 0% NCB. They may not automatically re-instate your NCB and refund the extra premium so keep on top of it - I had to follow up several times before the assessor decided the pedestrian had no claim against me, the file could be closed and the 3 years NCB I had before the collision put back on.

Ratty - because it is going through his insurance, you should let them know about the two picasso’s you had in the back - ruined now of course. Then buy a desmo

sh*te luck ratmeister!
tho at least you prob had the most witnesses to an accident in years :slight_smile:

oh yeah…sod the desmo…i want a race ready superduke R;)

well its all good folks, i have spoken to mateys insurance company who in turn have spoke to him, all is well as he agrees with what i told his insurers…i feel for him in a way…he was only 3rd party, and his bike is a mess. oh and my NCB is safe as houses…

maybe hes learnt now where and when is teh time for pratting around…not around 1000’s of bikes!!!

Dude that is so shitty! I hope his insurance coughs immediately and doesn’t drag it out for months.

What the the fuzz say?

Oh mate! That really does suck big ones:doze:

Hope your SV gets sorted without any hassle mate.

Well done all those who kept the scene civil:)

Lawks! Just read this. When you dwindled into the distance as I sat in the traffic, little did I know that the Thumper was off to the breakers - bad luck, Ratty. Was that why they closed that carriageway? I wanted to go back along there and the marshals wouldn’t let me.

Its all been said already but sorry bout this Rat, hope it gets fixed and paid for asap, glad your not gonna have to get a Thumper3, lol!

Congratulations on not kicking the guys butt, have to say I would have been steaming and bet you was, well done to those that calmed you down, glad I didnt make the shakedown now, I normally park next to you haha!

Glad your safe and its getting sorted.

My love to Thumper2, get well soon

a mess is not the word looking at the bike i am suprised he is still alive and walking. i dont think he had an option apart from tell his insurance

+1 After the crowd dipersed i wandered over to him for a ‘chat’, I did remind him how lucky he was really, he wasnt hurt, only one biek was knocked over…very lucky, could have been alot worse!

believe so dude, we see the trike parked but we couldnt find you! and i dont have your number!

when we left the 127 diner…mate that trike shifts…:smiley:

Thumper2 is not dead…shes lives duuude!

Daaaam, although sounds like his bike came off worse. Any pics of the Bandit remains ?

found these




Bluddie hell that bike is FUBAR’d :w00t:

Blimey, hope thumper 2 gets fixed up quickly!! And I hope the pratt learnt his lesson!!

mateys bike much better pic…



Warra knobhead!

you could have taken his indicators Russ they look alright:w00t: