**WARNING** Religious discussion

So my church is discussing creationism, I however am a firm believer in evolution. I was wondering what you lot thought…

Evolution or Creationism?

Science fact or science fiction the choice is yours…

evolution, my RE teacher at school taught us that a lot of the stories in the bible are just that, “stories”

too much scientific fact supporting evolution anyway

Evolution all the way, unless someone can really convince me that some dude with a beard, flip flops and a boots home wine kit really is the son of god etc etc i am unlikely to change that view…

Can you imagine the 2nd coming of Jesus?

if the first jesus was the son of working class carpenters, would the second jesus be the son of working class chavs?

Would he wear a burberry t shirt, burberry baseball cap and tracksuit bottoms? A pair of reebok classics instead of sandals? And turn water into white lightning?

Would he break richmond fags for spliffs instead of breaking bread? And spread the word according to 50 cents?

And would he get an ASBO instead of being crucified?

Try to avoid Jesus bashing and stick to the topic, please.

^^^^^^^^^^ What he said!

Except some of us have evolved better than others!

seeing is believing.
until then I’m buddhist.


I worship Cheese

No imaginary dudes, my whole world was created when a lump of cheese was struck by lightning and three mice nearby happened to be sucked into the explosion. Their DNA was spread throughout the Cheese-verse (which incidentally WAS their idea of heaven) and spawned life throughout this ever growing space.

Humanity was actually spawned from some spare cells that were once part of Mouse B’s left kidney. They amalgamated with small flecks of living mould from the Gorgonzola cluster which provided the catalyst for new life to begin and floated in slo motion through the air on an interminably long journey towards “ground”.

When my…well…our Cheese-verse crashes into the floor, we will witness the Great Smear when humanity and all the things we have done will be erased forever…but don’t get upset, because 3,000,000,000 years after the Great Smear, the omnipotent force that is Doh-Mess-Toss will earse even the very fabric of the Cheese-verse leaving only a slightly damp smell of clean…

Well, its just as abitrary as a Beardy sitting on a cloud with a harp and a ghost for a friend. He pre-emptively shags a woman without shagging her having already made her pre-decssors out of the gristle and bone of the only human being in existence. Then having gone to all the effort of not shagging her but getting her pregnant, proving his existence to humantiy by gruesomely allowing his son to be murdered and setting fire to a few bushes…

RELIGION - Another way of saying, you haven’t the backbone to stand up and admit, that yes you will only live for approximately 80 years, then you will die and rot and that is genuinely all there really is to life. The truth hurts.

All religions have creation myths, but creationism seems to be a form of oppressive dogma. The belief that words in a book are the explicit and incontrovertable truth is frighteningly simplistic. Really, it scares me to death that there are adults, a growing number of adults holding powerful positions, who find nothing wrong in this.

I’m not a religious person, but if you believe that your god gave you free will, then its surely an insult to your god not to use it. The very notion of free will implies the act of interpretation. How many fathers would be happy if their children never made a decision for themselves? Only the psychopathic ones.

im not bashin jesus, and you stick to the topic lol

Bit of self reference here, but just noticed that I have recently breached the thousand post mark.

In the Cheese-verse, this means I may now take a bride and “kanoodle” and you must all refer to me as the Great FarkSnork Blug Tag Noosh…its an ancient and holy title meaning king of the bullsh1t artists and was passed down through daily ritual. He who could explain the inexplicable the most entertainingly was revered in the community…you might know these people as “Bishops” or “Father’s” but that is because you are heathen philistines…in the Cheese-verse you would all be cast out with the “rinds” never to enjoy the tasty creamy Stilton of Cheese April ever again!

What’s a church?

Normally i would avoid religion topic’s as with politics, as too many people have strong beliefs that they will do anything to protect (and some go to the extreme)

So i think if your serious about your beliefs - you should share it with like minded people only, i.e at your church…

I think this could become a very bad and threatening thread very quickly!!

Are we really such an emasculated, intellectually impoverished society that it is not deemed possible to discuss such topics in anything but cloistered factions?

That’s giving as much power to words as the fundamentalists give to their bible. It is the reaction of a society up to its neck in fear and anxiety.

As we’re civilised adults here, a discussion should be relatively safe… you should start worrying when all the atheists agree to meet all the religious people in Sainsbury’s car park “with weapons” to settle the discussion…otherwise what’s wrong with debating this issue…?

Quite right!

It beggers belief (Forgive the irony…) that in the face of so much ‘science fact’ a group can not only hold this belief but wield so much influence that it can get schools and other official bodies to recognise it as legitimate. Indeed it’s getting to the point where people are afraid of speaking out against it…

someone had a dictionary for breakfast!

What i’m saying is not everyone has the same beliefs/sense of humour/temprament/ability to accept other peoples opinions without taking them offensively - thats why they are the 2 subjects that people don’t talk about in pubs (if they do their is normally a fight)

I’m a jedi.

I’m actually torn on religion. I don’t beleive but I wish I did. I would love to have such faith in something-even if it is bullsh*t. I’vespoke to people who have ‘found’ god and they seem to be verry happy in themselves and have found some kind of inner peace.

Personally, I think if there was such a powerful being the world wouldn’t be in such a state.