Warmup Ride Recently

After realising I had the wrong day for another ride we thought it would be good to get out for a ride this weekend. It was the first time @pricetta had had a proper ride in about a year so we thought we’d go for a 60 mile ride around Surrey.

Claire took the KTM which helped with running it in and I took the DRZ. It was quite hard work keeping up with the knobblies it’s running! Questionable grip, lots of movement in the corners and of course good old DRZ brakes :slight_smile: Suffice to say it was out of its comfort zone on the road!

Stopped at Newlands Corner for a few photos…


What did she think?

Ps made a few additions to my loop if you are interested for tomorrow :wink:

She said she sees why I like it, but it’s not for her :sob: I think she would want something a bit more comfortable.

Nice one on the loop. I don’t think I can do tomorrow, got a lot on and trying to get the bike first-serviced before Thursday.

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I’ve not been on the bike since last November. I have a brand new battery waiting to be put in but I just can’t overcome my laziness. I hate myself for it…

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It takes 20 mins tops to put in a new battery mate! Get it put in tomorrow and come out on the rideout this Thursday! :slight_smile: No excuses!

do it.do it.do it.do it.do it.do it.do it.do it.do it.do it.do it.

I know! Done it a few times already. Probably just need to get more sleep to have motivation to go out :smiley: Really want to, no excuses for being so lazy.

I have only one thing to say to that mate :slight_smile:

No sleep’s got nothing to do with motivation. It all comes from mindset and attitude mate.

I also call it ‘fear’ - my wife can really motivate me :rofl: