virgin member

Hello everyone…I am very new to this game and very excited by it…heres looking forward to a whole ew life xx

Hi there and welcome to LB why not try and come down to the newbie night @ the Ace

welcome to LB


hi and welcome, let the new life begin

Welcome to the site,good name there:D

Hi and welcome aboard.

Ginge give her time to say Ello before you hit on her mate :wink:

Hi by the way :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome! Cool bike!

How do you know?

BTW Hello and Welcome :slight_smile:

There’s a picture in Members profile :smiley:

I never think of looking there…doh! ( 8-(i)

Welcome to LB! See you Weds night at BM hopefully. :smiley:

Welcome aboard!

Welcome to the party :wink:

Welcome Sadie :smiley:

Welcome to the madhouse Sadie! :smiley:

Hello and Welcome :slight_smile:

welcome to lb;)

Thankyou fo the welcome message. I dont know what happens next …!!

two things…

  1. get involved in the discussions/banter in the other threads.
  2. get along to Borough Market on a Wednesday night or the newbie meet at the Ace Cafe on a Monday (see stickie for next event) and say hi in person.

We’re a friendly bunch and won’t bite, well I can’t vouch for Ginger but… :wink: