virgin member

You seem to have a bit of a eputation Ginger!! I will try to get to Ace on Newbie night. What time from?

Thanks Ema. Looking forward to discovering all the wonders of the biking world

and long may it last…

Thanks! Dont where I got it from…

Thanks. Comforting to know that at least ONE person wont spurn me and my 125cc

HI!Thanks for your support. Looking forward to this Brave New World of biking! Where have I been all my life?

Thank you! I think its really cool and get very upset when fellow bikers tell me to park it round the corner!! We all have to start small!

I was seduced to biking by a bandit 1200!

Hi! Sorry its take so long to reply. There is a story behind it!


I wasnt signing in, hence the difficulty in access to “reply”. Did you get your new wheels? Are you going to Ace on the 5th? I need you to look after me!!

Thanks. Sorry about delay in respondig…I have had navigation problems but back on track now

Thanks. I am a party animal!

well I hope you dont regurgitate!

Thanks! Looking foward to experiencing insanity!

Thanks! Whats the story behind your name?

Hi! I was having problems navigating the site…I discovered that signing in helped!! I hope to get to Ace on the 5th.