Victim of Fraud

What a morning!!

My colleague has been bugging me to join Linked In for ages so today I decide to do it. I type in my email address and it’s already registered!! Very strange, so I request a new password, log in and it’s somebody called Jayne Lincoln who is in fashion and apparell, the postcode registered is the same as the first place I ever lived in when i moved to London 11 years ago!!!

Secondly, Msn has been doing strange stuff recently too (sending out rude sounding links to my address book) but I have already done the necessary virus scans etc.

For peace of mind, I decided to change my passwords but when I’ve logged into my bank I find a transaction there dated 20th Feb 09 for £553.74 to Tesco Direct Welwyn Garden!!! It’s definitely not a transaction of mine so somebody has gotten hold of my card details somehow.

I don’t know if the msn stuff, the bank transaction and the linked in profile are related but I feel violated.

I’ve cancelled my card, changed passwords and my bank are investigating - is there anything else I should be doing?

Contact Experian to see if any one has applied for any new cards or loans, and to check you credit rating

Good idea DL, but I need to give them card details and I’ve just cancelled my cards :pinch:

Damn, that’s bad luck Sherrie. You’ve probably been duped by Phishing, or been a victim of identity theft (do you diamond-shred all your paperwork you waste?).

The MSN thing is most likely unrelated. That’s a very common account hi-jack that’s normally fixed by a password change. Though in some cases it can install malware, but if you done a check for that, you should be fine. Just don’t click on any links in a MSN window you’re not absolutely sure is from the sender.

Sorry to hear about this. Have you reported it to the police ? Not to sure what is done about this type of crime. Not too sure if the bank does it or it is you that is supposed to do it. May be worth speaking to your bank about that.

Definitely report this to the police. Even if they can’t do anything, this helps ensure crime stats reflect the true position.

Sorry to hear this BTW; I hope all gets sorted.

What a ******.

I had a similar thing recently, I cant even understand how anyone could have got hold of my details. I set up an account for all my utility bills, keep the card at home and have only ever used it over the phone once, and that was to pay my council tax. Shredded the pin number when it arrived so I don’t even know the pin number and some bastard still managed to get the details and clone the card, luckily they only run up £110 worth of phone credit.

That sucks and it’s all too common these days :frowning:

Check with Tesco as well. If it’s Tesco Direct, I think it would have been delivered somewhere which means you should be able to get an address.

Really sorry this has happened to you babe. It’s horrible stuff. It happened to loads of people i know, recently. And the money they took, amounted up to thousands…:w00t:You need to go to the police to report it, if the bank have’t told you this already. Just so it has been report, just in case your bank it funny about paying you back. Also, check your bank statments and highlight transactions that are yours, and what is not - as the bank will ask you to do this.The bank will have to give you the money back regardless, so try not to worry to much.As for the rest of the stuff… change all passwords… it the best way… and try keep them as secret as possible. :smiley:

I would change all your cards. Also change all your passwords for all other accounts like e-mail etc.

Sorry to hear this,
I had the MSN issue recently as well, my contacts kept getting spammed from my account. I also had someone trying to order £900 of currency using my PalPal account, aiming to collect it from Heathrow. They needed my passport to pick it up though, thank god. :smiley:

Most people only have one username/password combo and use it everywhere. If someone dodgy has access to these details it’s not too hard for them to try their luck logging on at the major sites with these details (MSN, eBay, LinkedIn, online banking, PayPal etc). I think this is what happened with me. Either that or a trojan.

Sherie as a matter of precaution I would suggest a rebuild of said PC…

this happened to me a few months ago although luckily no money was taken, 1st thing I did was rebuild the PC to make sure all bugs had gone.

Sorry to hear this Sherrie, must be really stressful for you.

Surely Tesco Direct would have some kind of delivery address?

Deffo worth reporting it to the police

That just plain sucks hun.

I hope you get it sorted soon and doesn’t cause too much extra stress.:kiss:

I’ve called Tesco and they’re investigating it. They are supposed to be calling me back this afternoon.

As for my bank, they are sending me some declaration form to be signed.

I’m going to go to the Police Station to report it this evening too.

It’s weird being robbed without the physicalness of it all.

Tesco have called back already and confirmed an order was placed and delivery has already taken place of a laptop. They can’t tell me the delivery address because of bloody data protection!!!

Apparently the delivery address is known for fraudulent activity.

Incredible. :angry:

I hope the Police can act on the address, but I think normally it is one that is under surveillance from somewhere else near.

When the post arrives, somebody goes and pretends they’re from that address in order to sign for the goods.

They’re bastards.

My cards have been done a couple of times & the banks told me that they usually start off with a small amount say £40 or so to see if the cards active and if they get away with that they go for bigger amounts so if you dont check all of your statements it might be worth going back and checking for anything else - I dont always check mine, usually just make sure I’ve been paid and thats it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Wasnt any hassle in getting the money back though so fingers crossed you’ll be alright.

What I think is most likely to happen - and someone attempted this with our address recently in respect of a mobile phone delivery - is that an innocent address is given and the perpetrators of this crime tell the occupants they gave that address in error and ask them to take delivery on their behalf, and they come and collect it later that day or the day after.

I’m really sorry to hear about this, happens so much now. If the address is known for fraudulent activity surely they should stop accepting orders from them??? What tesco’s was the order placed at for the laptop?