Vespa 300CC (2014 model) stolen in N1

In front of my flat in De Beauvoir state, It had a huge almax lock on the rear wheel.

Was the almax cut or did they just take the whole lot?

Possibly coincidence but this was posted earlier:

Hi Miguel,

If you put a pic and the reg up here it tends to help as it’ll show in Google search results. There has been one or two occasions where people have been contacted about their stolen bikes.

Sorry for your loss by the way.

Thanks Timmy. I’ll post a picture and the reg number.
Monkimark the almax chain wasn’t cut. They just take the whole bike.

A few weeks ago someone broke the steering lock and steal the leg cover.
This monday the whole bike… They removed everything from inside first and then they may have lift it up to the van.

It was parked inside my council parking (only visible to the residents) with cctv on it. Police call me yesterday to tell me they are investigating this and will contact hackney homes yo check the cctv. But I doubt it will be recovered…

I usually attach it to a post but sunday night was in a hurry and just didn’t do it. Someone must have been checking every night

What was it chained to?

That night… to anything :frowning:

This is the bike, and what was left

Registration Number: LY64HLE




The took the trouble to go through the locks… big locks

The police just phoned, me they found the bike not far from my flat with the lock still on it… hurrah!

Bit of a result hope there’s no damage to it

Nice, curious do you have to inform the insurance company now or do police technically register it as stolen recovered bla bla ?

Is that the post you normally attach to ?

No I don´t attach it to that post.
The only damage was the steering lock broken and the ignition barrel. These pics are from the police… I´m still at work and didn´t see it yet.

What I did on monday:

  • Found my bike stolen
  • Called the police and after 30´ 4 officers came to my house and check my details
  • Called the insurance. They asked me for my keys, V5C registration, papers...
  • I sent them all on the post

The police called me again today to mark this as solved and recovered so I won´t be stopped on the road.

Also called the insurance to send me the papers back. If the fix is not very expensive I won´t make a claim as I have an excess of 400£

I will fix bring it next wednesday near my house to have it fixed it. 

Does anyone knows how much would it cost to replace the barrel and fix the steering lock?

Such a relief now :slight_smile:





am broken steering lock might mean buying a new fork yoke. check ebay for the lock set. 

More news about my bike, 

Someone tried to stole it again in front of my house, they cut the Squire Lock attached to an almax chain… They couldn´t remove the anti pinch I had attached to the wheel.
Not sure what else to do, still in waiting list to get a garage.



They’ll keep coming back for it, and be better prepared next time. The little fuckers.

Best off moving it to another site. Find a friend with a garage/lockup somewhere and store it there.

Holy Moly !!! Someone WANTS you Mod’mobile.

How was the Squire lock ‘cut’ … cutters or grinder … or ?

you’ve pissed someone mate, why would anyone go to that extent to steal an already stolen vespa… well… now LB knows the weakest link on the Almax/Lock combo.


Thanks guys, 

I´m in a waiting list for a garage, but not sure what else to do in the meantime and where to park… I live in N1. Between Islington and Hoxton…