Urgent Police Appeal


Just read this, please have a look maybe miles away from anyone but the more people know the better IMO… Lets hope it is a false alarm…


probably dead by now

Maybe the woman is but there’s still a trapped little girl…

My daughters 3… And any father will tell you, you never ever give up hope.


exactly there is a 3yr old who cannot open the doors

you follow score. fingers crossed she is found asap

Can’t they trace the telephone that the call was made from?

Presumably not since someone would have obviously tried but I thought they’d be able to do that, if only to chase downmalicious false calls

Not if from an unregistered cell phone (PAYG).

jeez what a crap situation

hopefully both are found soon

But any any phone should be able to be tracked relatively easily. Seems odd this was not possible.

Only when its transmitting, one could presume?!

They should still be able to locate where it was even if it’s not transmitting now, there’s been cases of people being convicted of crimes because their mobile phone network registration records placed them at the scene of the crime at the time it was committed…

hello, yorkshire police


can i help, sir?

well, actually i think i can help you, with that missing girl?

really sir, do you know who she is?

not quite, but have you thought about tracking her call? i was reading on the internet, a biker forum called londonbikers.com actually, have you heard of it? never mind, i digress… i was reading on there that you should be able to track her call.

hold on sir… janet? JANET?! did you try pressing the track call button on that little girls call? someone from londonbikers.com forum thinks it should work!

muffled what?!


muffled how do i do that?

it’s the button on the left of the screen.

muffled i WONdered what that was for! well, there you have it. i’ve got her now, i’ll let the BBC know to take that webpage down for us.


Wow. Thanks for that, as a result of your post, I will try to mend the error of my ways :doze:

But in the meantime. I’m not a religeous man, not really into prayer. But if there is such a thing as carma and a group collective hoping for the best outcome. Then yes, it should be posted. Maybe good things will come… stranger things have happened.

Compassion… a value sadly lacking in today’s society.

i think you get me wrong guvnor. i want the little girl found as much as anyone, posted to my facebook page etc. the comment was aimed at people arguing about whether the police could trace her call. clearly not, otherwise they wouldn’t need to ask the great unwashed where she is.

I can always rely on you to brighten my afternoon…:hehe:

Sky news are now repoting the call as a Hoax

AYe indeed they are


bloody kids…