Urgent Police Appeal

What a croc of $hit. The hoaxers should be prosecuted for wasting police time.

One for the CPS I hope. Not funny and definately not when kids could be involved.

:laugh: :laugh:

would you marry me?

Glad its a hoax but all the police needed to do was ask the kid to start a fire upstairs then wait for a call from the people next door

Hope the parents of the 10 year olds have some hefty penalties to pay.

On the plus side least i know i can carry on phone stalking with no chance of being found :smiley:


the deserve to be punished for it ,waste of police time a godo hard back hander or a belt stupid ficking kids

Just kids having laugh. My brother inlaw works on emergency call center and says it happens lots.

well it aint a laugh someone could have needed the police except they were tied up dealing with a hoax, think the parents should be held responsible for the kids actions as they should be having better control over 10 year olds

Can’t really blame the parents, the kids know there not meant to do these things but when young and with your friends you see it as fun. i did **** like this as a kid now older i know its bad but when young you dint give a poo till you found out.

they are 10 years old the courts will say they dont know what they were doing and will get NFA. make the parents face the consequence of not parenting the kids ive had a strict up bringing and wrong move i was askin for a good spanking so messing aroudn with 999 or being out and about causing mischief was asking to be in deep shite so i kept away from the a denis the menice

Different times sadly dude :frowning: you can’t even send ya kids to school with a black eye or broken rib without getting in trouble these days :smiley:

meh it’s not like police are doing anything. They’re all at the Olympics checking bags or ignoring mel… :smiley:

Kids will be kids… We’ve all done it so stop whining about it. A stern telling off and there’s no need to take it further… What good will a fine/ custodial/ slap be? Who will actually benefit from that?