Upload Your Own Profile Cover Photo!

Hey guys, we’ve just added in the ability for you to upload your own cover photos for your profiles. Check out an example below.

To view your profile, click your name in the top left menu, or use the menu icon to get to it. From there you can mouse over the cover, or tap the the cover if on mobile and be able to upload a photo of your choice. Photos are made to fit all different size screens so the photo won’t show exactly the same on all of them, but the center strip of the photo is what’s being focused on.


Excellent, nice…

Brilliant, I love that. Now to design a collage type banner :slight_smile:

Cool check mine out it’s Dope

You been taking lectures off of Zuckerberg Jay :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Looks good though!

Cool check mine out it's Dope TDJ
That is a great pic

He is very Dope(y) lol

Mark you silly sod :slight_smile: you’re so hip…

Ang, love your one!!

how do you type in the info bit…

You can’t yet, I’ll work on that next :slight_smile:


nice job Jay.

why does it looks like i’ve never wrote a word since 2010?

i mean, might not all be pearls of wisdom but come on…

Every now and then the stats show all zeros, is that what you saw? I’ve just noticed this tonight.

Maybe you need to try harder? :wink:

be careful what you wish for.  :D

Cant change mine???

What happens Fabio, and what device/browser are you using?

This looks fun, we’ll find a photo and give it a try.
(TDJ’s old pics of us in swimming hats are sadly lost)

I like this, might do some doodling

No it’s not