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Updated Website Theme + Dark Mode

@Jay so just an update, it showed there was a new post on the pun thread and when I went into the thread it took me straight to the end and the new post 1000.
Came in here then went back to pun thread and it took me back to the first post number 1
(I’m using an android mobile)

Okay, thanks fella, that’s useful.

Thats a very useful tip!!!

@Jay I’ve worked it out.
From the main page if I tap the thread title it takes me to the most recent post but if I tap the words below the title it takes me to the first post.

Ah, so it does. You get a cookie! That’s something for me to go on.

A tracking cookie?

No, it’s essential, I assure you.

Jay, minor one, occasionally I get an issue when using the mobile app where the page does not render properly.

Example bein the slan is a YouTube hit, I open it but the posts go off the page and to have to go landscape.

Thought it might be because it was an old post, but the Ducati COC post rendered fine.

Thanks dude. I don’t see that. Could you take a screenshot and share it here please?


Some more on this, if I clicked the words I get the attached, if I clicked the title it actually renders fine.

Heh, clicking the text does seem problematic for some.

Could you try again? I did something.

Seems to have done the trick, will let you know if it comes back.

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Uploading: Screenshot_20210802-101527_Samsung Internet.jpg…

Getting this this morning.


I get the landscape/portrait thing as well. Only in some topics and not always,.

Oh, I get this as well. Okay thanks, will chase up with the theme author :slight_smile:

Linking it here so I can find it easily: Mirrors for supermoto

The mobile page-breakout issue should be fixed now. Can’t do anything about clicking on the preview text and being taken to the first post though, that’s just how the system works, sorry.

Sorry, had to disable the theme. It started doing weird things after an update.

Enabled it again after getting a fix.

Sorry, flip-flopped again, too many issues with this theme on mobile. Gone back to the original theme.