Updated Website Theme + Dark Mode

We’ve updated the theme for the website, hopefully you’ll agree it’s a bit more modern and better presented. It also makes it easier to search for posts, etc. from the homepage.

We now also have a dark-mode :dark_sunglasses:. This should kick in automatically, depending on your device settings. You shouldn’t have to do anything, unless you’ve turned off auto dark-mode switching.


Was wondering if something was on.

Still trying to get my head round it. When I click on an unread topic, it takes me to start rather than unread messages, hopefully that’s just temporary because of change

Dark mode doesn’t work.on my android but might be a setting on my phone…

Edit, scratch that unreads seem to work. Dark mode not but more experimenting me thinks

Looks wise, will revert judgement for after a few days have passed. Normal reaction is to dislike change so I am biased. I’m also a bit of a.dinosaur and liked previous look

I like it so far.

I like it as well. Not sure on having preview of threads in the unread/latest list. But otherwise looking good jay

I agree. If you want one of the recent threads it seems you have to scroll quite a bit. Is there an option to hide the previews?

No. Sorry.

Try switching to desktop mode if you’re on a mobile. Choose New. That seems to give list without preview.

No. Just happened to be on the two articles in my new list. Sorry.

I’m finding it harder to read don’t know why.

How do I stop posts starting from the beginning?

How do I turn on dark mode?

If you go into your profile, then preferences, click on right hand drop-down to select interface then you’ll see the options below

I had to put them both (theme and colour scheme) to dark for it to work

Didn’t try to change only colour scheme though so maybe that’s all that’s needed

Cheers Serrisan :+1:

I hadn’t noticed any change (a good thing?) until i saw this post.

Nothing has changed for me, despite a browser update last night, and based on the comments I am not going to go anywhere near my settings to risk one.

Specsavers called, you missed your appt

yeah, didnt see the notification

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For threads you’ve not read before, this is how it’s meant to work. For threads you have read up to a point, it’ll jump to the first unread reply. This is standard behaviour and shouldn’t have changed with the theme update?

Funnily enough, this happened to me the first time I went onto site after the refresh, on threads I had read.

It was the covid thread that freaked me out as there was no way I was going to scroll on a phone through all of them.

Not sure how, but ever since it’s now only displaying latest messages so I is a happy bunny

It wasn’t doing that Jay but like Sarrisan it’s fixed itself now.

@Jay is there something different about the petrol thread? That one picks up where I left off, but all the others always go back to the beginning.

Hrm, thread-read status should not have changed with the new theme, it hasn’t for me, but it sounds like in your case the petrol thread was created for you after the new theme was put on and that was the fist time you read that thread.

I’ll look into it, but if you get thrown back to the start of any long threads and want to get back to the bottom, you should use the thread navigation controls.

On mobile it’s the control that looks like a “1/5344” position indicator. Tap this and you can scroll up and down quickly on huge threads. On desktop, it’s the same thing but expanded, on the right of threads.

I had exactly the same issue Jay