ULEZ Supermotos

Anyone have a list of supermotos under 600cc that are in ULEZ

at 650cc my 2010 KTM 690 is ULEZ friendly

Are you trying to get the cheaper road tax? :wink:

we’ve moved offices and need something i don’t mind people ramming into in a crowded bay

I think the last of the drz’s are ULEZ
Not much else under 600cc I can think of that fits the bill unless you look at the KTM 390 duke, not a supermoto but I’d imagine fun to ride around town.

New or used?
SWM make the old design husqvarna when ktm took over the brand. Ccm gp450 looks good

But why specifically a supermoto and not a scooter or a smaller naked?

Is it that the slimmer SM will make it easier to park? Just bear in mind that with the stand they can end up leaning much more so need more space…

Xt660 not really a supermoto or under 600 but could fit the bill?

Also fmx, again not a real SM (or under 600) but in the style

Is the 600cc clause for road tax?

Why not go for a older bike pre 2007 if you find a good deal that’s not got the emissions stated on the v5 and get tested. My dads Kawasaki zx6r f3 1997 is now compliant and registered with TFL. Had it tested near old ford area

From what I read, the old lc4s (2005/6) would pass the ulez test… But I think Pan is a bit too sensitive for the ruggedness of those bikes :rofl:

What you’d save on a old lc4 you’d spend double on the dental fillings that vibrates out you’re head :rofl:


Nah I just got used to soup…


my main thinking is something slim yeah to be able to squeeze in, also would like some poke, so LC4s could work

I got a big naked! and always wanted a SM anyway

On any other forum that sentence would stand out as you telling us a bit too much about yourself

But yeah SMs are lots of fun…

My advice, buy one that has been converted from an offroader or you can swap wheels for. My SMC you couldn’t without modified break calipers. It just means if you do decide to explore off-road at some point, you can. and there’s a decent selection of byways very close to you

And you definately should go off road on it

Maybe a concrete block then?


Was it standard or did it need any tweaking?

They advise him to fit the stock exhaust and we also removed the k&n filter for stock. Think they did a slight tweak to the carbs and passed no issues. Don’t know if now TFL have all zx6r f3 models exempt or its on a bike only basis but is possible to pass older bikes. He’s had that bike from new 1997 & didn’t want a newer bike, think he’s emotionally attached to it :grimacing:

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more info on how to get around uLEZ

The way I understand it, it’s only the tested bike that gets the exemption not the whole model range.
So other owners each individually have to get their bikes tested.