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Assuming ULEZ goes ahead for bikes (looking more or less a done deal), I’ll need to sell my old 1998 FireBlade and buy something newer. As I have several bikes (including a race bike) to support, i don’t REALLY want to have to buy new if i don’t need to. the question is: How do i figure out which models are going to be compliant?

For instance: I’m considering a newer Fireblade, 2012 or so, but how do i know if it’s compliant?


Saw this link on the other thread… Not sure it’s what you need?


All bikes registered from July 2007 had to meet Euro 3, which is the minimum bike standard for the ULEZ.

So pretty much any 2007 model should comply, some from before then may do too, check with Serrisan’s link, but every 2008 model onwards definitely will.


Do we know when they are going to change that to Euro4?


There is no provision in the current rules for it to change automatically, so it would need to go through another consultation etc.

But it is unlikely to change anytime soon after already asking people to upgrade.  That is the reason why taxis are exempt from the diesel Euro 6 requirement.  Many were already forced to upgrade to Euro 5 after 2012, and so will still be able to use those vehicles until as late as 2029 depending on when they bought them.  Although incentives and savings make it unlikely any will last that long.

It would also be political suicide for either major party to attempt such a change.  The ULEZ was a Tory policy with cross party support, but if they or Labour proposed making people upgrade twice in a short period the other will make that their entire campaign.  The ULEZ would need to have no effect and problems worsen for anyone to consider something like that.  And even then other actions are more likely.

If you want to guess: next year when the ULEZ starts the Euro 3 requirement for bikes will be thirteen years old, and the Euro 4 requirement for petrol cars will be fifteen years old.  Taxis licenses also have a 15 year lifespan.

When Euro 4 for bikes is thriteen it will be 2030, although by then Euro 5 will be ten years old.  Also in 2030, Euro 5 for petrol cars will be twenty and Euro 6 will be fifteen years old. 

If they do plan to roll it on all that seems to indicate a rough average of the early 2030s, and them probably skipping a generation too.


All bikes registered from July 2007 had to meet Euro 3, which is the minimum bike standard for the ULEZ.
So pretty much any 2007 model should comply, some from before then may do too, check with Serrisan's link, but every 2008 model onwards definitely will.
That doesn't appear to be the case. I know of many late '07 registered anda few '08 Blackbirds and none are Euro 3.

https://tfl.gov.uk/modes/driving/ultra-low-emission-zone/vrm-checker-ulez Saw this link on the other thread... Not sure it's what you need? Serrisan
I have asked tfl what this checker checks - no response as yet


To be sure to be sure it’s probably worth checking the V5C. Section 4 sub section D2 is the place to look but only for Euro 5 & Euro 6 compliant vehicles. For all others check Section 4. sub-section V which details the CO g/km, HC g/km and NOx g/km limits. These figures can be compared against the Euro 3 and Euro 4 standards which are:

Euro 3 petrol - CO 2.3 g/km, HC 0.20 g/km and NOx 0.15 g/km

Euro 4 petrol - CO: 1.0g/km, HC: 0.10g/km and NOx: 0.08g/km

Be interested to hear TfL’s response.


Or just wait till it comes into force … ride in and see if you get a pretty grainy picture of your bike 14 days after


I think I’m fucked either way…currently have 1998 Honda hornet and 2006 but regisresed 2007 cbr 600rr​:frowning::frowning:…oh and a 03 plate diesel van​:joy::joy:


Be interested to hear TfL's response.
National Treasure
Next I'll ask them why they haven't responded - but what can they reply? Oh sorry, it's fucked and no-one could be bothered to fix it. I shall keep on asking


In the meantime you could pen an ode to TfL (Totally fecked Logistics)  :wink:


Dragging up an old thread but I just submitted an enquiry to TFL after reading this article.

I got my Certificate of Conformity from Honda within a week and confirms my 2005 built CBR600RR has Nox of 0.125, therefore meeting the Eur3 standards. I think ULEZ only tests for Nox for motorcycles and Eur3 does not test for PM.

Fingers crossed my bike will be exempt but I’m feeling optimistic.

Especially given this too.


Good move SC. Do you think you will still be pulled over simply because of the age of your bike?


Submitted an enquiry for The 250 (2006 Honda) back in September and got the following reply


Can’t see why he’d be pulled over. It’s a civil rather than criminal thing, all controlled by cameras & its not an offence to be within the zone on a non-compliant bike. So long as TFL accept his evidence of meeting the emissions standards & have his bike registration number logged on their compliance database, he shouldn’t be charged.


Shaun - did you go into a dealer or via Honda Customer services? Any fees etc?


So I take it they will update there database to show all 2005 cbr 600rr compliant​:+1::+1::+1:goodwork I have the exact same bike.


I contacted Honda customer services who then sent me the form to complete and email back to [email protected]. It’s free unless it’s been requested previously (mine was free) when they will get in touch to tell you about the £75 charge first.

@National_Treasure how long did TFL take to reply to your enquiry?

@commuter-boy I’m not sure if it’s plate or model specific? Ie. If I get mine added to the database, does that mean only my bike or all CBR600RRs of the same model?


It has to be model specific ,it’s not supposed to be a money making scheme it’s supposed to save the plant​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::rofl:
Why the government can’t do this is beyond me,they are the ones instigating the scheme so they should be making sure it is done correctly and fairly.