Two Tyres Ltd - I've just discovered them :-)

I found a brilliant tyre supplier & fitter.

Jeff the Ninja needed new boots. The Michelin PR5’s have lasted 7074 miles, took a rear puncture which was repaired at 10842 miles, yet still didn’t feel good after the repair, probably due to wear. The service I had last week at Bacon’s Motorcycles pointed out that the tyres were getting low, doubtful if they had 1000 miles left in them.

Having decided to go back to Michelin Power 5’s, which I had a couple of on my last toy (ZX-10R), I made several telephone calls to motorcycle tyre fitters, and their prices were from £378 (Burwins, in Islington, London) up to £394 (Motorcycle Tyres UK, Havering, whom I’ve used since September 2019. Of the two motorcycle dealerships I rang, one quoted £442 (Bacon’s) and the other £460 (HGB).

The motorcycle tyre shops told me about the Michelin special offer, which when you have have had the tyres fitted, you go onto their website, send them a copy of the receipt and you get a “cash back” of £30 (£15 per tyre). The motorcycle dealerships did not mention it.

During my research, I found Two Tyres Ltd. They quoted £366 last week, and the manager, Chris, kindly put a pair aside for me for this week, without asking for a deposit.

I went in today, and was treated very well. They have a secluded waiting area upstairs, with comfortable sofa and seats, a television, a small selection of bike books and magazines, and a small fridge of soft drinks, which you can have a can for free.

When I was paying, I was given a buff and a tyre pressure gauge too, for free. This will be my first call for tyres from now on.

Their address is:
Two Tyres Ltd
Unit 1
Peterboat Close
SE10 0PX

Telephone: 0207 205 2205


Not going to lie Martin, I wondered where you were going to go with that!

Thanks for this, it was bugging me for a while, I knew there was a place in that area but did not know the name or rough place! this is on my commute in and out for work so it is really conveniently placed. Usually go burwins but might give these guys a go.

If it is good enough for Aceman with a captial A it is good enough for me,


Looks like they’ve moved from near the Oval then?

+1 for Two Tyres. I’ve had Bridgestone BT-023’s from them before, their £3.95 delivery charge is reasonable too and the free buff is always useful.

Tyres are like insurance, it pays to shop around.

Ooh matron.

Couldn’t possibly recommend HGB at the moment. Repairs to my bike approved 7 Feb…and I still havent got the bike back!

Oh no!
Why is it taking so long?

They just didn’t start it for 6 weeks, didn’t get the parts in, keep finding just another thing to fix. I’ve spent so much time chasing them and visiting to see if any progress. Almost wish they had written it off!

Oh no, thats mega crap

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Chris was the other half of FWR London
Bob and Chris parted ways a few years back

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Years ago I used FWR all the time, they were great. Two Tyres is quite easy for me from N London.