two men caught

two men have been caught putting wire across a road in kent i dont know how to do the clik thing

There you go mate!

Story here

Paul … type what you want, highlight it and then click the hyperlink button above the text screen.

Took me ages to work out the clicky thing too !

This would have been funny if it was the chuckle brothers, and a faux pane of glass…lol

dear god is it not enough the corsa and volvo drivers try to take us out that acne ridden little s**ts are trying to do it now.

Surely by 22, and 23yrs old they’ve got that **** out of their systems… I mean c’mon - by that age some of us have started our own businesses and moved to the other end of the country… they need to get a grip… I’m not familiar with that area though - is it nororious for troubles… or just your average street ?


What the fu** were they thinking, grown men really can’t be that stupid

Maybe they were just aiming for forigners on mopeds that like to cause hastle and not check their blindspots

*goes and buys some cable & find an acomplice *

Utter insanity - bloody glad the f**kers got caught.

On another tack - did anyone read down the page of articles?

I know that Sheppey has a reputation for inbred freakery, but holy cow - this is just insane

That is f******* wrong… could have easily killed a biker or seriously hurt them…

Set the police dogs on em for half an hour… and film that…

That’s incredible! The stupidity of todays youth amazes me! I’m glad the cops caught them before they had a chance to ruin peoples lives.

The camera operator deserves a nice bonu$ this month for spotting that one.

As for the scum they caught…GARROT 'EM!

thats way scary - i like riding in Kent


What!!! I cant believe this! Whats wrong with people these days!

FFS what is going on? These are adults! The consequences dont even bear thinking about. Hold em down and strangle em with their wire, w*****s

Sick individuals…lets be serious here…on a dual carriagway/ with wire that would more than likely have seperated some poor sod in two pieces…what the hell are these a’holes up to…not funny peeps - be careful out there as the nutters WILL try this elsewhere!

I just can’t believe that! What on earth where they thinking? I hope they throw the b****** book at them. Then hit them again with it… and again… and again… until they realise how b****** stupid they are.

m gives the full SP on this place . . .

Fantastic sight, just spent 30 min on there and had a right good chuckle!!! Top find.