two men caught

At work now and that site is filtered so wont let me view it. Reason given?..


lol at this from that site… - great find - reminds me of growing up in webbed-hand land of North Dorset - we should organise an anthrapological fact-finding rideout. I’m tempted to go myself, but scared that if I go alone, I may not come back!

I think Clarkson’s hilarious - good to see someone on the BBC who has the balls to say what he thinks without going limp at the thought of the Charter.

He obviously didn’t factor in that people would take him literally.

Bet these numbnuts hadn’t thought about the fact that at that time in the morning, the only traffic likely to have been around would have been lorries

Clarksons jive is 100% tongue in cheek, his wife Francie is a motorcyclist . . . . whatever he says I am just glad there is somebody left on TV who actually dares to sail so close to the wind of political correctness . My recent trip through france was enlivened no end by frequent repetition of his “Cheese eating surrender monkeys” line whenever there was the slightest sniff of rosbif in the air

Cheese-eating surrender monkeys

Thanks for reminding me of that - classic