TV recommendations

Ok folks… new flat, need a new TV as I don’t have one!

Haven’t looked for a TV in over a decade but…

I know I want between 28-32"
Ideally with Freesat or some way of watching HD included so that I don’t have to buy another box. Only interested in Freeview channels.
I have a preference for look and feel of Samsung and LGs - both my brother and parents have had these and they seem pretty decent.

Ideally they can play .mkvs and .x264 avis… so should need USBs to connect Hard drives…

Not interested in having BlueRay/ DVD as one… But it must have HDMI ports at rear (which I guess is standard).

Budget… no idea but not crazy. I would say off the top of my head £300ish but that could be way off?

Samsung every step of the way.

Yeah I know Samsung is my preferred brand also… But, for example though, I don’t get the difference between:

We’ll now your getting technical but 1080 is the best option.
I can’t remember why! Not sure about rest…you need a geek now

one has 720p, one has 1080p (better definition), one has 1080p and ‘Smart’ TV which gives you internet connectivity through it so you can stream lovefilm for example through it.

1080 is the full HD and gives the full analysis of 1920x1080…

Yeah I am looking at 1080 really but I think most nowadays are that. whoops didn’t see the 720 there, that one’s out the window! :slight_smile:

good eyes Prawn, hadn’t seen the ‘smart tv’… yup I think that’s a good thing to have so that I can watch iplayers and stuff…

Get one with:

minimum 100Hz
minimum 1080p
Freeview HD
WIFI or internet ready (mean you can use smart tv without buying additional hardware)
USB useful for movies
3-4 HDMI inputs

And yes Samsung has crispier picture on default settings (not demo settings which obviously boosting all up)


if you can go £350 I’d get the last one on your list.

To not the one fo £280 does not include wifi so you will be look at another £40 for the dongle meaning there is only a £30 difference anyway.

I have the 23" version of the last one and I love it mate, would not want anything else, I have a Media Centre PC setup in my front room and I can just watch the films from that on the tv in my room (the 23" samsung one)…

I have a Toshiba that at the time came out top in a Which magazine review

I saw this in sainsburys yesterday …

No disrespect but that looks like a proper pile-o-poo…

thats not even full HD it is 768p, and the speakers are only 9w so you would need to be next to them to hear anything.

I’d stick with losing some tech like the 3D allowing you to get a better experience from the TV itself.

Well I dunno … I ain’t a tekky geek … I only went flat screen 6 months ago I was happy with 100hz tube tech but it finally broke down after 20 years of service :angry:

Yeah 3d is irrelevant to me. I don’t really like it anyway :smiley:

Interesting my brother was saying to me to try and find something with 200 or 400 Hz and sacrifice the full HD.

From the original 3 up top, I think I will go for the last one if nothing else pops up…

Samsung all the way. the 5000 series is pretty basic but the previous is right, not all samsungs come with wifi built in.
to be honest, the samsung wifi is pretty atrocious. circumstances like good signal but not connecting, then connecting only when choosing to test it.

Alternatively, why not get a better quality dumb TV with an android smart TV box to plug in the back of it? also means you have a usb slot for your hard drive and you’ll get much better video compatibility options than with the built-in TV one.

dont bother with internet tvs… just get and android pc stick and stream away!

Yeah I won’t be using Wi-fi but probably be roiuting the internet through the electric socket…

This is one with 200hz… worth the extra 30 squid?

No ethernet port? :frowning:

depends, are you going to use the 3D part of it?

Yer that looks pretty good to me, do some googling on the model though might be able to get it cheaper that there.

not really… just was the only one I could find with the 200hz…

actually come to think of it, my brother has a Rasberry pi on his with NaviX running on it. Might be the way to do it?

To be honest, I haven’t got any idea how all of this works… I know he runs the internet through the electricity sockets. I’m gueessing you’d then connect that to the Pi which is connected via USB to PC? Or would I need the TV to have ethernet port.

ARGH why is it sooo complicated?! :smiley:

Check out Richer Sounds. They’ll be able to advise you for your budget.