Tues 27th Greenlaning around Meopham area

Due to not being able to make another ride out. (gutted) Im heading out to test new camera, new mounts and basically have fun!

Anyone fancy some really muddy slippery greenlaning. Start about 9-9.30am and finish around 2pm.

Meet nearby. area is near brands hatch…soo…if you fancy coming please PM me

I try to make it. I see what time I need to be home. We’re going to Moonshines…

muddy, slippery… tempting :slight_smile:

dude dude im in if u dont mind me comeing XD im on a 125 with l plates just to let you know haha

what tyres you have on? I might swap your 125cc for my bike?:cool:

Looks like I’m in!:cool: Any tips on bike prep? Tyres pressures, dialling 999!:blink:

i only have some trail tyres on lol cba to put my proppa knobily on if you have some take spear leavers thats the only advice i can really give lol

Where do you meet? What time and why so early? :smiley:

Bluewater will be good as its easy to find and car parks should be empty early morning :Whistling:

It would certainly help me to start earlier than 10am. The reality is the we’re still gonna be standing around at the petrol station at 10.30 if we arrange to meet at 10.00am, I need to leave at about midday. I’m assuming both myself and my bike will need the jetwash?

Will be good to find petrol station with jet wash before heading back but if not than we will clean lights and number plate and be fine.

9am start sounds good to me, we can go strait to that petrol station.

Thank you, 9am at the start place it is. Sorry to be a pain, but I have people-to-do-and-places-to-see!

Cool, will meet you 8:15am behind Redbridge tube station.

Good fun Motopup!:cool: Thankq :kiss: Oh, and of course I never fell off once!:Whistling:

You see, all you bsatards that reckon that you cant polish a turd!:stuck_out_tongue:

looks like you had fun =] gutted i couldent make it in time this morning XD

Yeah, it was excellent. I was the best, not scared at all and as I said, I never fell off once!

Thanks for showing us around! Nice lanes, muddy and challenging…
Will have interesting video after today :smiley:

Spent 2 hours cleaning my bike :cool:

Ah, you have video? Well when I said. That I was the best and never felll off once… I meant that I was rubbish and I was eating mud most of ghe mornin :-0


Mmmmm, mud - yummy! Glad y’all had a good time. Looking forward to seeing the vid :slight_smile:

(v glad I wasn’t with you. Being knackered, cold, wet through and covered in mud is not counted among my pleasures!)

Ah, sorry mate, the video has been cancelled!:Whistling:

Did you do the descent from hell, coming down that lovely little byway where it’s a steep decline with steps and no grips thanks to leaves and mud?? :smiley: