Tues 27th Greenlaning around Meopham area

Listen, I was struggling getting out the Petrol Station before we started!:blush: Motopup can tell you where we went?

Looks like today’s mud bath treatment did good to our bikes :smiley:

haha I found those lanes quite challenging as well… they’re not too flat, are they? :smiley:

Came off once a bit spectacularly coming through a puddle and skidding on rock and mud (luckily motopup’s camera had been de-activated by the rain!)

Can’t wait to go out again on them, looks like you had a lot of fun there… Hopefully see you all soon in 2012! :slight_smile:

In the clean pic of my bike it looks so white because the image is over exposed!:smiley:

Alex we did the hill of doom! 5mins later we were doing another lane (found 3 more lanes in that area) going back up the steep muddy chalky gravely, tree on floor, slippery hill! Was good fun.

Al you missed a good route. A few wrong turns but all went well.

Sneaks struggled finding what colour petrol pump to use.

My parents now give me money as they readily admit they know not what I want for xmas… so I can see me splurging on some new gear designed to get muddy! :smiley:

That looks amazing!!! :slight_smile:

We need new tyres for next time :slight_smile:


You speak for y’self mate, some of us need some talent!:smiley:

And stop teasing us, where’s our video of us showing how it should be done? Nurse!:blink:

Making space on my laptop now, this HD vids files are huge…
Will try to make the Vid tomorrow :wink:

Lewis did you do yours already?

maybe this is better for you george:D

Is there a stretcher on it?:smiley:

My Vid is on the way to YouTube now, should be live in 10 hours…

We didn’t do too bad after watching that group on enduro wheels :slight_smile:

Good man, don’t forget the linky! Did you CGI my image on to someone that can ride?:smiley:

Cor i thought we were hanging around at times! haha.

Nice one Mariuz. Dont ask about my sodding new camera and new SD card. I clearly am an ape when it come to technology and things bloody working.
Got a few vids but Mels imovie isnt working yet.

Best to play in 1080p HD on Full screen :wink:

Wonderful… :smiley:

Great vid lads, glad it’s not just me falling off:D

Me and Tel had a day on the lanes around Box Hill on Thursday.

These days are turning out to be some of the best days i’ve had on a bike.:stuck_out_tongue:

I did video some of it, i’ll see if I can get it up.

the ones around box hill are good theres one i really like XD i know most of them off by heart know from the start point up in leatherhead all the way down to dorking and across haha and great video XD

I thought they had closed some of the ones around box hill? Surrey map shows them active but when you look on Google Maps there are signs for no bikes…