Trying to get this in the press

Hey everyone…

I had my stunning beloved 3 week old limited edition orange super sprot vespa stolen from outside my house last night.

As you can imagine I’m totally gutted.

But I dont want to just give up on her… she meant a lot to me.

So I set up this


If we can get around 1k followers then the press will take interest and I can start to hopefully raise awareness of this horrible crime.

I have about 600 already and its only been a day!

If you could press like on the page and spread the word I promise you I’ll do all I can to bring bike theft to the attention of as many people as I can.

Thanks guys. : )

Sorry for your loss and we hope you get it back in one piece,

Would be nice to make a post in the newbie section first tho,

And no offence but bikes are stolen all day everyday in London, I highly doubt the press will do much…

Sorry, you’ll have to accept my applolgies for my apparernt illusions of grandeur by posting about my stolen bike in the ‘stolen bike’ secion of the forum… How silly of me.

Yeah, you’re right nothing will ever happen and I might as well just give up and grumble about it for a few days.

Nice attitude. I think we should all help.

Trying to be smart and fucking it up with spelling mistakes. Good job. All he asked is that you introduce yourself. Now you’ve come across as an arrogant ****. Good luck with gaining the followers you wanted from this forum now.

Why are forums always full of hostile **** ***** desperately trying to establish themselves as digital alpha males?

It’s so lame.

Forget I mentioned anything.

Why do forums always seem to attract f*ckwits with short tempers and no sense of how to behave around people they don’t know…?

Doesn’t have to be on a forum. If you came to me in work or on the street asking for help and support with a **** attitude like that I’d tell you to go **** yourself. As would many people on this forum believe me :slight_smile:


try posting here and good luck getting in the press, it took nearly a week for the InMoto attempted robbery to get press coverage and they had mental video footage to show and it still only got 15seconds on the local news.

as a fellow biker seeking help from us I have “liked” his facebook page - hope he gets his wheels back. :smiley:


You sir are an ass :smiley:


Accepted that the OP does come across as a bit of an arse BUT this tedious bollocks about making sure to say hello to the forum first? Why? There’s plenty of people in this community who don’t go to the meets and the ride-outs but are still just as much part of the community. We ride bikes and we live (for the most part) in London - that’s the family connection.

Now granted he was being a bit idealistic about getting a stolen Vespa noticed in the press but the response of “would be nice to make a post in the newbie section tho” smacks of smugness and is far from welcoming. And it’s a pretty common response from some posters. Can’t we just post anonymously? It’s up to us as individuals who we decide to help, we don’t have to know the poster beforehand.

Not only motor bikes, about 20,000 bicycles get stolen every year and their owners want a cop to investigate them also.
It will only get worse as the MET is looking at a reduction in funding of £201m in 2011/12 and £537m by 2015.

Well it may be too much to expect an introduction first but LB is a community and he is new to it, As a noob you don’t act like an insubordinate prig if an existing member makes a valid point.

If he had replied ‘oops sorry I didn’t do that’ he would have got the forums full support. Instead he acted like a spoilt brat.

Also the guy obviously expects the world to revolve around him and questions to e asked by the PM at PMs question time.

“Does the Prime Minister know the location of the stolen orange Vespa” ?

You need to rewind a little - I’m saying that it wasn’t a valid point in the first place about him needing to post an introduction first. Chicken and egg. If that (non) valid point hadn’t been made in the first place then he wouldn’t have acted like a spoilt brat.

But as we are a close community (Forum) we (mostly all of us) like an introduction as I stated…