Truth or dare, without the dare

ohh yea…my bits are turning diffrent colors…:w00t:


whats the fine line between soup and stew?


Lancashire hot pot…or Hungarian goulash…take your pick

how many feet are there in a mile

Ans; 5,280 being an old english mile. Irish mile is over 6,000. Scotish is about 6,000. And the french is about the same as the old english mile. A cars/bike mile is probably standardised (don’t know this one which is probably your Q in the first place). Trucks are usually in Kms but depend on the size of tyre and if new/worn (as their recut after wear) put on after calibration (every two years) to get around limit factoring speed limiters hence trucks passing each other at 2kmph blocking up everywhere (rigerously limited to 56mph).

Is ginger back on his gingomobile?

Yep and well Behaved

why do people commite suciude

Cos reality catches up with them and they can’t cope with reality.

What shall I get my man for Christmas? He’s got a bike and is fussy what goes on it, he’s got a car and I don’t know anything about cars, he’s not terribly fussed about music, should I just put on a ribbon and present myself?

i say go for it, but also get him one of these amd then that way u can use it to gaurd ur bikes against scallywags and swash bucklers.

when i eventually get round to shopping for bikes earlier next year, would anyone like to come with me to help check them out?

Erm… Pass. That’s a very open-ended Q. :stuck_out_tongue:

Where abouts are you going shopping?

im not im going to work

what you doing at the weekend

seeing my daughter.

boxers or pants?


what are you thinking?

Thinking how I can skive from work this afternoon:DWhats the best hangover cure?

Stay Drunk:DWho am I going to be Secret Santa to?;):P:D


Can this topic be pinned?

i hope so!

how much have u spent on christmas so far?

Too much:w00t:Will I feel my fingers again?:smiley:

Depends whether i post em too ya ;)Why is my boss such a twat??

becouse you work for him:D

if you have an itchy ring peice in public,do you hit the jackpot right away? or do you wait and walk funny for a while?


go for it…

who won strictly come dancing last week

who cares

what type of pizza do you like ?

meat pizza!

what do you read when your on the loo :hehe: