Truth or dare, without the dare

not me i was asleep

do u think many people will be on the ride out today

no i’ll be at work.:crazy:

why haven’t i been on any ride outs or meets since i’ve been on here over a year?

coz your a FWB :laugh:

Do u think i should ask a girl out

ask her out,

who is she?


So what you watching now

Porn… :smiley:

Want some? :cool:

want some FW since i’m a FWB yea right all year for me.

why is top gear on at 9 tonight?

Might be something to do with the Sports Personality of the Year on BBC1…dunno:cool:

What did you have for tea?

fish and chips

how come bbc one is affecting bbc two though is stig up for best mysterious driver of the year?

How would I kinow, anit been watching TV today.

who wants to wash my CBR600RR for me?

dont wanna wash it, but ill learn how to ride on it it:D

would you let me?


Has anyone played Tim Tangs online puzule.

its hard, help?


do you chew mash potatoes?


Yep, if my Mum made 'em :DShould she put lemon juice on the cabbage too?(after boiling it to a pulp :sick: )

yes…soggy cabbage…yummy…

Do you like sprouts

Not especially.

Do you think it will be hot weather next year?

i hope so…should be my 1st year of riding!

talking about hot weather… know any good mucho cheapo holiday destinations?

yea Gdansk in Poland I’ll be there end of July for a week and a bit. 2 day Beach party and lots of cool stuff in old town. Also where WW2 started.

how come my boss gives me **** for working 9 days in a row when no one else will?

because hes bored and needs to smoke a fat one

do u mind if i take ur signature and put it on a tshirt?

not a problem go for it

everyone else freezing there bits off these days?